film notebook

Film Book Memories

So I bought this Anthropologie notebook a long time ago. I was in love with the fabric feel and torn edges of the paper. My mind first thought: client gift with photos. But how? And there's a TON of pages. 

Finally, the other day I decided I would paste a few of my film photos from each film session I've done. Images that currently don't have a home and are just inside a white envelope. I wanted to keep it very minimal, but still reflect my style.

So CLEARLY I slapped some neon pink on that baby. Boom. It's Ale. Just needs lipstick somewhere..

No, but seriously. My idea was to simply take some double-sided tape, attach a photo per page and with a pen write the month, year, and title of that shoot.

Remember when people used to do that on the backs of their photos? 

And to be 100% honest with you - I imagine giving this to my little girl one day and showing her the visual journey I went on. For her to flip through these pages, touch the photos, and see my horrible handwriting of dates and ideas. To see my diary of work on something she can hold, and close her eyes - imagining herself on set with me. At least, that's what I hope.