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Like a Proud Mama

via Borissov

I am SO proud, I needed to blog about this mission.

So like I had said before here and here, I asked my friends to be part of my bridal party by making them secret agents (who were suspects of Project Maravilla -- my venue). They received special packages in the mail informing them about their new role and asking if they would accept it. However, not only are they agents, but they are in TEAMS. The groom's men: BOOM! Thunderpants, and the bridesmaids: Femme Fatale. Every month, they receive a mission that would force them to work together since they are all in different states and many don't know each other. What's so great about this is that it creates comradeship and competition! Come wedding day, one of these teams will declare victory... and right now... FEMME FATALE is claiming it!!

This was this month's past mission:
During my conversations with Future A, she told me many things about my future husband. As you all know, I am 24 now, but Future A informed me that she had granted a special ability to the members of Femme Fatale that will allow each of them to have insight into my husband’s future. She informed me that some visions will be realistic, but some may be far-fetched, but that all will come true at some point in our life. How exciting! But I am dependent on you to reveal these things to me so please channel your inner psychic and work together to collect all of your visions into one coherent document and send them back to me ASAP.

Ellen: 30’s
Kristen: 40’s
Margarita: 50’s
Jasmine: 60’s
Meghan: 70’s

Your mission is to sum up what is going on in Jose and Alejandra’s life during the 10 years you are assigned attached with 3-5 images to accompany your story (can be from online). You can make us as adventurous as you’d like, and feel free to be imaginative.

For example: “Jane” is assigned “20’s.” She may write:

“During their 20’s, Alejandra and Jose had a lot going on. Not only was it the time of their lives that they met, but they also were married. Upon going to Spain for their honeymoon, Jose discovered his passion for bullfighting. After convincing Alejandra that she could pursue her photography in the beautiful land of España, they found a quaint little house near San Sebastian and moved in! Although it was difficult for Jose to make it to the scene, fans grew to love his work and he became known as “El Gringo Bailarin,” changing the world of bullfighting into bull dancing. After receiving extensive dance training from Alejandra, Jose became fluent in styles: salsa, merengue, bachata, tango, and square dancing.

In the mean time, Alejandra began training with a world acclaimed tango instructor, competing in conferences, and quickly becoming one of the premiere tango dancers. She held workshops, training people in the art of dance and photography – two of her passions. People began to know her as “Tacones de Fuego” (i.e. Heels of Fire) for her sharp and fierce movements on the dance floor. In their late 20’s, Jose and Alejandra performed together, with plans to return to the U.S. on their 30th birthday and the possibility of bringing the new art form to Phoenix, Arizona.”

Jane would then attach googled images of a bull, tango dancer, Spain, etc. This can be realistic or completely made up. We encourage creativity (and Photoshop if you like). It is up to you agents.

So today I celebrate Femme Fatale (as noted by the images :) for winning their mission. If you're lucky, you'll get to read their stories!! I'm considering posting them individually. Believe me, they are ridiculous, hilarious, and sweet.