fear and courage

The kind of woman I wanted to be

I can't believe it.  In about 4 weeks... I leave for  A R G E N T I N A.  Argentina!  My dad is from Uruguay, so we will also make a short stop in Uruguay to visit family.

And of course, what would a trip be without me randomly searching for artists on Facebook that live in Argentina or Uruguay that I could collaborate with?!  I mean, it will be that or me slipping into a tango studio and asking a pair of dancers to let me film them :)  AHHH.  How AMAZING would it be to film tango dancers?!  I need to make it happen.

We are going to be gone a majority of December and the challenging part is that the New Year will be here in an instant when we get back.  The New Year will bring about changes to my business.  I posted that quote up there because it is further pushing me to be specific in my business.  To start letting go of things I like so I can do things I long and ache for.  I posted that quote because I want my clients to feel that way -- that they may not always "have it together" but they KNOW the kind of woman they want to be and FEEL like.

I guess this is courage... like the saying that courage is simply one step ahead of fear.  Because I have NO idea what next year will be like so you better believe fear is right at my heels.  I'm just squeezing my eyes shut, pinching my nose, and jumping into something.  And when I come up for air, I hope to see you there :)