fashion test shoot

Test Shoot: Alex Lasheen

So yesterday I had an impromptu session with Alex to get some test shots before our shoot tomorrow. We met up, literally last minute, at the Biltmore Fashion Square for about 30 minutes in the middle of the day!! That's 12:30 p.m. = super strong sunlight.

And what exactly do I do in that case? Find open shade! I'd love for you guys to keep this session and the concept of open shade in mind because I will soon be explaining and breaking it down for those who are interested in my approach to natural light. Get excited :) :)

Don't you love that window?! We had to be super sneaky with the cops. So these are just a few of the test shots in preparation for tomorrow! I'm feeling pretty good about leading a male model, but I admit it's a lot different from directing females :)

Went to the doc this morning and he's going to have me do some physical therapy so I can get back on the volleyball court! Fortunately there wasn't any serious damage to my knee. And later today I'm heading to Lylo Studio here in Phoenix to start assisting there. CAN'T WAIT! The photographer who coordinates everything is Hollye Schumacher who is not only a photographer I admire, but has one of the most beautiful personalities. I won't be doing any photography initially, but it's an honor to be a part of what Hollye has built.

What's your weekend looking like? We are THIS close to breaking into the 90's here people. Yeah, Phoenix doesn't believe in transitions. Pfft.