A shot of fear and excitement

These are the clients I dream about.  But then fear starts to creep in and makes me second-guess myself.  It's a pressure I put on myself with clients that I respect and admire so much.  Which is the case for this Leidan Mitchell commercial shoot I'm working on.  I couldn't resist sharing some of the images as I try to take deep breaths and just trust in myself...

Crazy side note: I had just met Amy, the model from The Agency Arizona used for this shoot, on Monday and she ended up attending the same marriage retreat with her husband that Jose and I just got back from this past weekend!  Speaking of this retreat, I had a little tennis lesson from Jose and I managed to hit a ball outside the immensely TALL fence and on to some cliffs.  Clearly my brain interpreted tennis racket = BAT.  I managed to finally get the hang of it!  I guess it depends on who you ask, ha.

Alrighty, back to editing, pinterest breaks, and deep breathing I go :)

Hunger Games: How to Wear Your Hair

Oh yeah.  You know what's happening this Friday.  I thought a fun way to celebrate the opening of Hunger Games is to get a group of girlfriends together and braid our hair -- Hunger Games style.

But here's the thing... everyone forgets about Primrose!  So I decided to share with you 2 ways for you to wear your hair to the Hunger Games Premiere.  The Katniss version vs. The Primrose version:

Links to all images can be found on my Pinterest Hair + Concept Shoots Boards.

Don't be afraid to add some extensions to help out with volume and length, and also TEASE your hair for texture and volume!  I found some tutorials online that range from very intricate, to really easy for you to reference to in case you want to also have a girls night :)  You can definitely try the last 2 with short hair!  

So which look do you like best?  I think I love the messy braid most but may try a messy braid + bun with one of these tutorials.  A little tribute to both ;)

Fashion + Pizza + Showit Shoot Out

I don't even know where to start with this. Seriously.

Do I tell you about how mind blowing Showit as a community is? Do I tell you about the delicious pizza and hilarious conversation I had after this shoot with my Phoenix Showiteers?

A girl can only talk so much. And this girl right here talks. I've been with Showit now for about 3 years and it wasn't until last month that I even knew a Facebook group existed which connected you with local Showiteers. This might sound all foreign (showiteers, shoot out, etc.) -- but the point is that I've never been surrounded with so many creative, encouraging, and challenging artists. Our first event was hosted by the lovely Karie (this girl deserves a blog post alone!) who brought Kasey, Taylor, and Audree to model for us.

I will go ahead and state the obvious: the girls are gorgeous!

It's definitely a little nerve-wrecking to shoot in front of everyone, but once I started pulling the girls individually, I was in my zone..

this LIGHT!

Although I've been in Phoenix now for a year and a half, I'm thankful for how many people have come into my life and share in my journey with me ;) Which means, uh oh.. I'm starting to get attached.

p.s. How do you like my new coral pants?!

A Ross purchase! Their new slogan should be "Like a Boss." Cause that's exactly how my wallet felt.

Upcoming Fashion Series

Meet Alex from AVE Styles...

Our initial collaboration was on my first-ever Menswear shoot. And now we are bringing YOU a series that will hopefully provide some inspiration for your closet. A twist to my typical outfit chronicles.

The first series inspiration came from the ever amazing Jamie -- but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see what exactly it is ;) I'm excited to have Alex in front of the camera seeing as how she is always behind-the-scenes working her styling magic. The fun part is that she also was behind the camera taking photos of me ;)

See y'all tomorrow!