Outfit Chronicles: Plum Fall

I decided to add a little something to Outfit Chronicles to give y'all ideas for your own outfits: color schemes! This way if you have these particular colors in your closet, you might be inspired to put an outfit together or interpret it your way :)

Top: Plato's closet (remember my thrifty $4 find?! This is it!), jeans: Charolette Russe, necklace + earrings: F21, shoes: DSW, clutch: Dillards make-up freebie

Today I will be prepping for a rather interesting party I am throwing tonight. I've thrown a few parties before, but this is a first. It's a Branding Party -- with an intimate group of photographers that will be all about style, strategy, and ... branding ;) I want to say I "dream" about this, but really... it's a goal for me to one day be teaching about branding.

I took the Strengths Finder test after reading this book (which blew my mind), and one of my 5 strengths is maximizer. Listen to this... I mean, seriously:

"Because of your strengths, you now and then rely on your ability to help certain people find reasons to link up with one another. Perhaps areas of common ground or mutual understanding are discovered only when you are present. [....] You strive to honor everyone’s uniqueness and preferences. Understanding a person’s ambitions gives you insights into the type of support, training, experiences, partnerships, and nurturing he or she needs to thrive."

AHHH!! That has now more than ever confirmed this goal (coupled with many conversations with friends and colleagues). Have you ever felt so sure about something for your future?

Anyway, weren't we on Outfit Chronicles? Sorry ;) Hope y'all like the new color scheme implementation! This is something I've been doing with my recent clients and find that it really helps individuals pull outfits together. Have an ambitious and stylish Wednesday everyone ;)

Babies & Children: Khatim

I was staring at the bathroom mirror, age 7, with my towel wrapped around my skinny little body after a bath. My mom kept asking me something, but I was busy in my own little world and I, annoyed, mouthed some smart remark back at her. Oops. She yanked the towel, but right as she yanked it, the tail end of it snapped and whipped me. Yep, like you do to your little cousin with a kitchen towel when you try to snap him on the leg or the butt. Except it was on my bare little body. I let out a SCREAM, the sting on my back, and my hot tears making a mess of my face. Through the tears I stared at the mirror and caught my mom's reflection. She was crying too...

I was raised by a single mother. It wasn't until I got older, around college time, that I began to really understand the complexities of raising a child on your own. My mother had to be both a nurturer and disciplinarian. This is very difficult for both the parent and child because sometimes both traits just... clash. And sometimes, you simply mess up. My mom and I fought -- a lot. I had a sassy mouth and she had a short temper. One second she would be yelling, the next crying, and the next laughing. Despite the frustrating moments I had with my mother when she was heated, I came away with the most beautiful gift from her: freedom (to dream, to grow, to believe.. and so much more). I told her I wanted to make movies: she spoke about Oscars. I told her about wanting to act: she asked about NY. I tell her about my pictures: she just glows. I can be anything I want to be, because my mom has ALWAYS supported my dreams. She let me go. She let me fly. And coming from a Latin family -- believe me -- this means more than you may know. My mother has never, ever, put herself before her children. Seriously -- ever! For this and so much more, I will always admire her and why I admire Sonjacharde Mixon -- a sassy, independent, loving single mother.

Sonja is a young mother, but just like my own, her world revolves around child KT. She acts like people who love kids when they see a new baby "OH MY GOSH!! You are so freakin' cute!!" Except, she does this with HER child who she sees 24/7. He never gets old, and she always finds some piece of Khatim that she wants to eat up. Toes. Fingers. Eye lashes. We won't even talk about his stylish little-man clothes.

Anyway! Here is, who I like to call her little farmer -- Khatim :)

Haha, this face just makes me happy :)

Is this not Baby's Day Out?! I couldn't remember the name of the movie, until I did a lot of google searching and FINALLY found it. Baby got away!

Jose said this one is his favorite. It cracks me up :)

Again... he is her world and no one else :)

WAIT. We're not done. Nope. You can't leave without the last piece.
Believe me... it's worth watching. Make sure it loads halfway :)