Day 26: Make Believe

I originally had an idea for today's post but it all changed when I got home.

Two days ago when I pulled up to my place, our neighbor's daughter and the other little girl across the street were in the driveway and ran up to me when I parked. They asked if I wanted to see a mime to which I of course answered "yes!" After that they were talking non-stop with excitement, each wanting my eyes on them. One of the girls was called inside for homework and I decided to go ahead and go in too. But before I went inside I asked the other little girl- "have you ever made paper flowers?" and she said "no, but I would like to learn." I ended up telling her that if she found a paper flower outside, it was for her. Then she told me if I found a necklace made out of sweet gumballs (we're not talking candy here), that it was for me.

This morning before going to work, I ran over and set a paper flower in their garden. Then when I came home today, I found a little Easter egg, colored on paper, waiting for me at the front door:

I apologize that my feet look so DIRTY!! And I can't even blame it on salsa because that was before my practice tonight that I took the picture. Err, I should say, asked Jose to take this for me :) There is only so much a tripod can do.

So this one is for Molly :) For making me feel like an older sister with our little exchanges. Women, even as little girls, seem to be so good at little details and I love it! I titled this "make believe" because she asked me if I believed in fairies... of course Molly... of course.

"I love sleep because it is both pleasant and safe to use." -Fran Lebowitz, satirist supreme
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