eyes closed and lungs alive

When I'm dreaming

...I tried to find a quote to explain the ache and exhilaration that photography gives me, but it was late and I needed to get to bed. I stopped googling and just stared at the photo I was so excited about. This photo was such an amazing mistake. Brittany wanted to pose by the orange trees at the end of our shoot. A joke... you know, funny photo. In fact, we didn't take ANY photos by this orange tree for our second round of photos. It was only when she was walking towards the tree that I quickly picked my camera up and snapped the photo.

Since it was so impulsive, I immediately checked my LCD screen to make sure my exposure was correct and I gasped. The photo felt like such a fairy tale. A porcelain princess escaping.

And so the words fell into my finger tips and I typed away...

My favorite place to hide, eyes closed and lungs alive.