Day 24: Don't Know Where I'm Going

Today's image is inspired by a big decision: moving out of Atlanta. Jose and I will look over his job offers this week and will be picking where we will start our life after the wedding.

As a result, I thought about women's struggle with feeling free and feeling restricted. Disregarding my own situation, I have met more women who glow when they describe their dreams and ideas and desires. And while we are free to dream and free to pursue our passion -- we sometimes feel restricted by our own desires. Is my dreaming... too much? Is that expectation... too high? Am I being... realistic?

I'm terrified yet so excited about starting our "new" life. This image reflects my own feelings of excitement & adventure: got my suitcase packed and ready to explore! Yet it also represents my fears -- hiding inside of my own suitcase full of dreams, hopes, and aspirations.

A little creepy, I know. Haha. That piece of fabric is actually the skirt I am wearing today. And that ring is my wedding ring :) Let me just say that buying a camera remote was the BEST decision for this series. I took another version with this same concept and will save it as a back up when "busy-ness" strikes me again.

And stay tuned for some really awesome guest posts!!

"It is never too late to be what you might have been." -George Eliot, who wasn't a guy

Haha, love today's quote. How fitting :)
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