excitement of expecting

The Excitement of Expecting

There's a bit of a buzz when baby showers are thrown. Generations come together to celebrate (four here to be exact):

I continue to be in awe of my friends becoming mothers. Absolutely in awe.

This was a special day for Hannah because her grandmother was also in town and wanted to be sure these exciting times and details of this day were captured. I feel lucky to have been asked to photograph this intimate day -- something out of the ordinary for me.

Girls and their curiosity. They didn't even notice me stepping back to steal this photo.

And while this was the first time I was asked to shoot a baby shower, I realize that it's not very different from many other sessions. It's a very important day in someone's life who has poured details, love, and moments they don't want to ever forget. So much so they want one person dedicated specifically to capturing it because it's that important.

The perfect gift for the daddy who works construction :)

Happy Friday to you and all of the expecting mothers! Especially one with twins ;)

I attended the PASS Premiere Tour last night and I seriously left on a high. I'll have to collect my thoughts and share all of it with you next week. Let's just say that David Jay left us with this note -- which to me personally was the overall theme of the day:

DJ's father to a 16 year old David: "At the end of the day if you make your business about serving other people... you will always have business."

Thoughts for you next week! :)