Engaged: Johnny + Criselda

These two.  These two together is something quite beautiful.  As individuals they are some of the most giving, relational, and God-chasing people Jose and I know.  And together?  It's the sweetest love...

How impeccable are their outfits?!  I love the electric blue (one of their wedding colors).  

But you know what's electric?  Johnny and Criselda.  Together.

I can't think of anything better than this kind of love.  One that inspires people.  And for me to record the beginning of Johnny and Criselda's love story is taking part of what God has called me to do with my photography.

Their wedding is going to be electric.  Electric I tell you :)

Engaged: Johnny and Criselda Preview

What I love most about my job is that I get to tell different stories.  For every person that steps in front of my camera, I want to get to know all the little details.  The ones that make them, them.  And sometimes I am privileged enough to photograph couples I already know.  Friends.  Friends that trust me to record their love.

Johnny and Criselda.  There is so much to tell about this beautiful couple.  And I think this preview already says so much about them.  They asked if they could bring a vintage kneeler to their shoot and right then and there, I smiled in awe.  God is their center, their core, and the foundation of their relationship.

I love that this small detail says more about their love than an embrace.  A love found so deeply in Christ that our community of friends can't help but cherish, admire, and celebrate Johnny and Criselda's relationship.

Reminds me of one of my most favorite quotes I kept on my computer before I met Jose:
“A woman’s heart should be so hidden in Christ, that a man should have to seek Him first to find her.” 
To which I changed to "He did." And there is no doubt it is the same for Criselda and Johnny :)  Can't wait to share the rest with you next week!

A Surprise Proposal

A couple of months ago my phone flashed a green bubble with a message from Tony.  The proposal was about to happen... soon

Tony is in Ohio finishing medical school so his appearance in Phoenix would be ... well, pretty much a heart attack for Octavia.  And I guess you could say it went a little like that ;)  We scouted places in South Mountain -- spots for Tony to hide while I set Octavia up for her "shoot."  Once we had everything set and planned, I headed back to my place to meet up with Octavia.  She arrived at my place and I was pumped with adrenaline that I had to suppress.  SHE HAD NO IDEA!  We drove back to the mountains as I tried to text Tony secretly that we were almost there and for him to get in place.

Jose came to "help out" (pretty much photographed the first part as I filmed!) and we set Octavia in place.  I asked her to face the mountains with her back to me -- Jose cued Tony -- and well, the rest is a beautiful story....

Love you guys :)  Jose and I are so honored to have played a small part in this day.

Couples: Lauren & Shaun

You can't wipe the smile off this girl. Lauren is one of those people that radiates joy in the most genuine way. No, I don't mean "happy" ... I mean her smile is able to hug you without arms! While I didn't know Shaun very well, one thing I learned immediately was that as soon as he and Lauren touched by an embrace, a kiss, or even a playful nudge, Shaun's face lit up like a little kid.

Something about the image of a man protecting his love is beautiful to me. As soon as I told Shaun to hug her like "you never want to let her go. Don't let her go anywhere" -- he gave me more than that. He protected her, comforted her, and without a doubt, you know he cherishes her. How can I tell? Look at Lauren's face when she is enveloped in his arms.

Align Center

Love is beautiful ...

And to see the slide show just follow me down the yellow brick road...