dressing to your body shape

Maybe it's Spain

I can't tell if I feel this way because it's naturally what happens at a certain age, or if Spain tucked itself into my pocket and materialized itself via my taste. My taste of clothes that is.

Lately I've just been wanting to wear soft, light colored flannels, rolled up shorts (cargo, jean, or corduroys), and just... really comfortable, yet slightly sophisticated and feminine clothes. I'm not a fan of formality, but I'm not really interested in my fitted t-shirts anymore.

Since we are in no mode to spend money on clothes (cause our furniture is eating it up!!) = I have to get creative with what I already have. SO, I took a bright (but not neon bright!) red top, some tweed/brown colored, formal capris -- rolled them up, and added a thin, brown belt (which I got from Spain!), to define my waist, and pulled my hair back in a bun but not without adding LOTS of volume around the crown.

I'm no fashion expert as we can recall ;) BUT, I'm starting to really like combining "business" with feminine casual.

I'm also starting to pay attention on ways to dress "my shape." Yes, I'm petite, but I can really make my curves disappear with certain t-shirts, or suddenly look stumpy with certain dresses because I'm pretty short. I found a really great article (go read it!!) that breaks down body shapes and ways to accent your best attributes with the right clothing. Though watch out for the scandalous body photo on the first page but just scroll down to the good stuff.

So what's your style?! Learn anything? Any recommendations?


p.s. You like my moving boxes in the background? ;) Haven't finished my office quite yet...