dress up

Day 57: Playing Dress Up

God only knows WHY I have waited this long to post these. Tonight, I finally went through the (literally) HUNDREDS of pictures and narrowed them down. I still have too many to post here, but I have enough for at least a week's share! :)

Jasmine Vidal (my fiance's sister) is the epitome of feminine in this shoot! We collaborated with fabric, make up, and props to create a carnival shoot. We love playing "dress up" and doing themed photoshoots. Here is the first one.

I freaking LOVE this one. You have to understand that a photographer can only do so much. Jasmine gave me this AMAZING head tilt and attitude. Then, combined with my composition, focus on hair strand, and editing-- we get this... grungy, tough, strong image. Can't wait to share the rest! :)

"Oh, I wish that God had not given me what I prayed for! It was not as good as I thought." --Johanna Spyri, who spawned literary heroine Heidi
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