desert boho chic

Outfit Chronicles: Desert Boho Chic ... in ... grass

I actually started this outfit in Phoenix (above) but re-did it in Texas in my mom's back yard (below) last week.  Hence the grass and not the Phoenix... dirt.  Just go with it ;)

Before we get to the outfit, I have to give a shout out to my BROTHER who took these photos! I'll show you a quick snapshot of how I walked him through it.  Obviously I set the exposure settings, but this brother of mine is a natural!  I would snap shots to teach him a certain composition I was looking for and he'd immediately nail it!
 But he's good at congratulating himself, so I'll leave it at that :P (And do you see that Aggie bling?!)

This top is actually from high school and I remember enjoying the feel and shape of it, but never being in love with the pattern.  Until now.  Stuffed in the back of my drawer, I started pulling this baby out and wearing it and received a lot of great feedback.  I paired it with my waist-high shorts, some gold accessories ... and I feel like a Phoenix native!  Or what I refer to as... Desert Boho Chic.

Don't you love that necklace?!  I have to admit I used to NEVER wear necklaces because I was such an earrings person.  Granted, I'm still all about earrings, but necklaces are growing on me.  I've been keeping my eyes peeled for this kind of necklace (which pairs perfectly under neutral button-ups too!) and found it at Forever 21!  Or as my mom likes to say -- "forever my age."  Bahaha.  Are any of your parents also delusional about their age?
Accessories + shorts: F21, top: high school purchase, shoes: my mom's! :D

Anyway, I just got in last night from a week of family, graduation, and my good ole' Texas home.  Crazy how much I have to catch up on, but that also means I have some great posts coming up ;)