Day 27: Being a Grown Up

Unfortunately I type this with quite the rush! I guess that's what happens when you get home at 11:30. I took this photo back when I was feeling this way, considering the possibilities of Jose and I's future.

You may recall that we were deciding on what job offer Jose would pick that would determine where we would live. I realize I didn't mention the options: Phoenix and Austin. After much consideration, prayer, and seeing advice -- we have made a decision.

We are moving to... Phoenix!! Not only is Jose's dream job there (electrical engineering with a focus on the medical field), but it is an up and coming arts city with so much opportunity for me to take it by storm. Yes, my heart was in Austin for quite some time -- but that's because it was comforting... safe. There are many unknowns in Phoenix, but I got some amazing advice from someone who is an inspiration to me: "i say don't worry about it to much. come along for the journey. God is good and He will take care of you.... keep your head up and get excited about what God is shaking up in your life." And you know what? She's right. I should get excited about what God is "shaking up" and come at it with open arms.

Err... okay, open, but very scared arms :) And that is the answer folks (!!!!). We will officially start our lives in the very hot state of Arizona once we are back from Spain! Next up: GARAGE SALE!

Clearly the "feminine" topic was demoted due to this very special announcement. We will end the week with an awesome guest post :) Good night!

"Don't make a list. Do everything right now." -Sigourney Weaver, leading lady
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