day 19

Day 19: Featured Post

Getting home at 11 p.m. and am once again grateful for friends that submit photos.

Today's is sent by Meg Chambers with the following interpretation:

Our womanhood has a tendency to be striking to others, and to have a powerful energy about it. Sometimes, it radiates...literally glows. Let this photo, with its combination of soft physical features and a powerful streak of light, serve as a reminder to us of that combination of subtlety and intensity that femininity often embodies.

Meg's pictures always have a sort of "mysterious" flair to them and I love how she incorporated the light as a "glow" that we radiate. This is why I love interpreting the concept of "feminine." We all share similar ideas, but can easily view other things differently too. It's truly interesting to explore this concept. Hopefully this will encourage you to submit something too! ;)

"I could announce one morning that the world was going to blow up in three hours, and then people would be calling in about my hair!" -Katie Couric, TV Talent

To participate in my 100 day challenge, submit your photo representing your interpretation of "feminine" and about a paragraph describing your interpretation to -- Read more about it here.