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So this was pretty fun...

Yesterday on Facebook, The Music Bed held a little competition that asked "show us where you create."  At first I thought: hmm, well, I'll just take an iphone photo.  Aaand, it just didn't look right.  And y'all know me... I had to do this right.  Where are all those random instagram photos I've taken of my office?!

I fought bringing out my camera.  Sometimes it's just too much for only one photo.  But after 3 failed iphone attempts, the big boy had to come out.  Not to mention I just bought my Canon 35mm 1.4 lens a couple weeks ago and knew this was the perfect situation for it.  Let's keep it real -- I'm short and I wanted my heels in the photo... so I needed a reasonable wide angle.  I propped my DSW heels up and snapped away...

And I won!! The Music Bed literally said "the swanky shoes probably helped."  Ha! 

Moral of the story:  When you are putting anything out there that represents your business, even if it's just one image, spend whatever time you need for it to truly reflect you and your work.  And when all else fails, throw on some swanky shoes.