Couples: Lauren & Shaun

You can't wipe the smile off this girl. Lauren is one of those people that radiates joy in the most genuine way. No, I don't mean "happy" ... I mean her smile is able to hug you without arms! While I didn't know Shaun very well, one thing I learned immediately was that as soon as he and Lauren touched by an embrace, a kiss, or even a playful nudge, Shaun's face lit up like a little kid.

Something about the image of a man protecting his love is beautiful to me. As soon as I told Shaun to hug her like "you never want to let her go. Don't let her go anywhere" -- he gave me more than that. He protected her, comforted her, and without a doubt, you know he cherishes her. How can I tell? Look at Lauren's face when she is enveloped in his arms.

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Love is beautiful ...

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An Autumn Beauty

This week's theme "An Autumn Beauty"

First, let me clarify that YES her eyes are truly this shade of beautiful hazel! I believe with those eyes, that sweater, the cozy hug, and the Fall trees in the back -she embodies an autumn beauty! Lauren's heart is just as beautiful as her face! More on this lovely couple later :)

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