cotton candy

Cotton Candy

Aside from the extremely annoying pollen that coated my car yellow, the trees in Georgia are something I'll always miss. First of all, they're insanely TALL, and these particularly giant trees wouldn't just appear near parks -- they would be in your BACKYARD. Growing up in Texas, trees weren't exactly a pinnacle in the Lone Star State. Everything might be big in Texas, but certainly not the trees.

And now, my entire environment has transformed from green to dirt. There isn't really any change in Arizona during the Fall. Why? Because we don't have actual TREES! (Ok, not many). Welcome to... Miami? Yep. We have palm trees. I LOVE THEM!! Granted, I am still completely new to this state and I know they will probably get old by next year. However, at this moment I feel like I'm at a resort!! I associate palm trees with vacation! Sad will be the day when they get old, because then what will I associate with vacation?

Even MORE amazing then that? The sunsets....

So that's my Fall, you guys. I don't get to see the beautiful trees of the East Coast changing from their green to hues of yellow, red, and orange. But almost every evening... I get to see the sky burst into shades of purple, orange, and pink. My own cotton candy Fall.

Have to thank Jose for accompanying me as I scouted for locations for an upcoming outdoor-Christmas shoot. And speaking of, I will hopefully have Part II of his photoshoot up tomorrow!!

Tomorrow will be packed because I leave in the morning to meet with another photographer to play with... THE 5D MARK II!!!!!!!!!!!! It's like Christmas for me. I'm serious. I've been wanting to play with the video function for SO LONG. I'm honestly afraid to even get my hands on it because it will be so hard to let go. After that I'll be heading to the Johnson's for some bebe pics! Hope you enjoyed some cotton candy! :)