Alice in Wonderland Series: Part I

While I'm really excited to finally post these Alice in Wonderland photos -- my mind is racing with everything that happened these past two days. What is everything? Well, you're going to have to wait because it will require more than just a few words. It changed me. It moved me. It was an amazing experience.

Also, this weekend my fiance's sister, the talented Jasmine Vidal, posted her version and I thought "Crap! I haven't posted them yet!" And I know I have been saying over and over how these "are coming" -- so they are here! Thank you Jasmine for that final push :) Photos by Jasmine Vidal, Jose Vidal (YEP! My boy is learning quick!! ;), and me. A family collaboration!

The crazy Mad Hatter, while enjoying her tea, decides she needs some company...

"Ah, yes... Alice ... she looks naive enough"

And the Mad Hatter was right.. Alice was delighted for some tea.

However, Alice did not see what Mad Hatter's tea consisted of...

Muahahaha, TRICKERY! That's what!

But there's another stop to go... so stay tuned for Part II :)

Behind the scenes action: