coral skirt

Outfit Chronicles: Coral Skirt

So I wore this skirt here but I wanted to show you the skirt in its original form. There's a thick black band on it, and in this last outfit, I folded part of it over, then covered it with my belt because the black would've thrown the outfit off. But here it is in it's non-manipulated form, paired with black!

Would I look really crazy if I pounded on the door upstairs in my robe to complain about the construction noise going on there? Yes? Hmm. Well you're not helping my situation.

Just so you know, I am still working on my "posing" blog post. It's actually a lot more challenging to compact all of that information into a nice little guide. But I'm working on it!

top: random flea market find in Honduras, skirt: Express, shoes: Rack Room Shoes, necklace: F21

Hope you're having a great Monday!

p.s. Does this photo take your breath away as well? What a stunning dress. I love, love low-backs.