content creation

Content Creation for Brands

I don't know when exactly it happened during my conversation with Alex, but we used the word "original content creation." And it was one of those moments that just made you say "YES!!!" We were able to articulate specifically what our partnership was doing. The impact of our gifts used together.

Alex is a stylist. I am a cinematographer. But together, we create content to be used strategically for brands. Alex isn't just a "stylist." She is able to curate content that not only aligns with the story we want to tell, but resonates with social media (PAUSE: Curate - to collect, style, and piece together with purpose). Then I come in and shoot it with Pinterest / Social Media in mind AND with the story of the brand. That's how your content is strategic. Now, you have a purpose for the way you shoot because you have a message to tell. Alex couldn't have said it better on her blog.

Getting to work with Lone Flag was so inspiring. They are a new, retail shop with a very specific look and well defined mission statement. I get fired up when I work with brands that have a confident understanding of their style but are looking for ways to tell their story through strategic visuals. Because their shop is new, this also allowed Alex to use her Pinterest marketing and curating to draw traffic to them. More pins = more traffic = more probability someone will buy. 

Am I boring you? Cause this stuff makes my heart race :)

More importantly, helping businesses grow makes my heart race. Working with others makes my heart race. I'm so thankful to see how this evolves using the gifts that God said "yep, this one's made for Ale."

In case you missed the brand film last week, you can see it here. Thanks for following along on this journey with me :)