Day 88: Confidence

Am I in over my head? I think this has been the longest that I've waited to post but after posting the last one, I have managed to: clean out my place in Atlanta, finished packing, drove to Texas, caught up on sleep this weekend, went to an immigration rally, and today was a wedding "shopping" day with my Aunts.

Tomorrow I am meeting with someone about hair stuff, driving to Houston, tasting cake, and going to bed to wake up early for my first wedding hair trial. I'm so sleepy right now but I couldn't wait any longer to post.

THE 100 DAYS IS ALMOST HERE!! If you have any pics to contribute, I urge you to send them this week. I'm going to be so busy these next few weeks seeing how I am down to less than 3 weeks until my wedding !!!!!!

I have 2 posts... a guest post and one from me :)

From our guest Tanya Klimova:
"It's just a point-and-shoot photo made to show off my new haircut, but I ended up really liking it. To me, it's a picture of strength. My femininity is strength. I am strong enough to carry and bear a child, and strong enough to care for her through tough teething days and sleepless nights. I am strong enough to take care of my house, too -- see the ironing board behind us. I'm my daughter's security object, and I am her strength; you can see how secure and comfortable she feels with me."

I absolutely love a mother's confidence. Tanya, I don't doubt you have uplifted women with your words. Yes, she is definitely rocking that hair cut and yes, that baby has some GORGEOUS blue eyes!

This last photo is one I took because flowers, clearly don't last forever, and I wanted to remember these. The sad thing is that plants under my care don't last at all, really. Molly, the little girl who lives in front of me, left these on my car one day and I thought they were so pretty. She is so sweet and after getting to know her mother, she definitely gets it from her.

Goodbye Atlanta. I'll miss you and your greenery, sweet tea, sweet people, random weather, fast highways, huuuuuuuuuuuge trees, DECATUR, culture, the Bert Show, my school, and all of the relationships I have made there.

"Confidence comes not from always being right, but from not fearing to be wrong." --Peter T. Mcintyre
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