coldstone ice cream cupcakes

Cheap Thrills

Really, it doesn't take much for me to get excited. Babies. Sweets. And fried chicken.

I really am that simple sometimes. So yesterday marked Jose and I's 4 year dating anniversary. Although he warned me when we were getting married that we can't count this anniversary, I wanted to acknowledge how long we've put up with each other :)

I decided to schedule in a sneaky visit to Jose's car at work. My plan was to stick hearts with little notes written on them all over his car.

How cute is my eraser?!

I was SO nervous. First of all, I'm parking in the visitor's parking lot and sneaking into the COMPANY'S lot. On top of that, I'm wearing my waist high shorts, leggings, and boots -- cleeearly not one of their employees, with a camera strapped to my back. And I'm trying hard not to wear my nervousness because then I will REALLY look shady.

I'm walking nonchalantly to "my" car and thinking in my head, come on Jose... where did you park your car?! This is hilarious. There's people walking by me, and I'm just trying to "blend in" with my fashionable outfit, camera, blue tape, and hearts - darting my head around the lot.

I find his car and breathe a sigh of relief that I have a copy of the key so I can definitely look like I belong to this car. I set my tools on top, but quickly change my mind when I remember that I have 20 hearts that need to be taped.

Disregarding the heat inside the car, I get to work! I sometimes imagine getting caught, Jose calling me and saying: I can see you from my window. What are you doing, crazy girl?!

Fortunately that did not happen. Getting caught would have really sucked, but would've been hilarious at the same time. As soon as all the hearts have tapes, I dart out and cover his car up!

Remember.. I still look shady because I'm the only girl in the parking lot taking photos of a car. Unless they can see the hearts, they might just think I'm spying on someone, collecting evidence.

I was SO relieved that Jose was parked towards the back, in between a few cars.

But back to cheap thrills. Jose told me he was going to bring dinner home that night. When he came home I was in my office and he told me to come to the dining table. As soon as I stepped out I could SMELL the fried chicken!!

You guys, we go grocery shopping every Monday night. And E-V-E-R-Y freaking time we get out of the car, the parking lot smells like FRIED CHICKEN!! They tell you not to go to the grocery store hungry, but to me (a huge fan of fried chicken) it's TORTURE to smell that before I've had dinner. I did say cheap thrills right? :)

Well have you ever heard of ice cream cupcakes?! *BOOM* That's your mind being blown. Or at least mine was when my friend Cindy told us about it. Yeah -- Jose brought those home too!

Contact your local Coldstone ASAP to get your hands on these.

I was one happy girl.

Cause seriously, how PRETTY is that cupcake?! And there's ICE CREAM i-n-s-i-d-e of that!