Collage Making!

*testing testing* "Is this thing on?"

I have to give a huge shout out to Heather over at Heather Nan Photography. I stumbled across her photoblog via I ♥ faces and had to ask her about her beautiful collages! In actuality it is her photos that are beautiful b/c the collages are, turns out, quite simple to make. More time consuming than just uploading photos... but possible.

After giving me some pointers on making them in photoshop, she also directed me over to the CoffeeShop to check out the storyboard templates made into photoshop actions (!!). I have been there before, but WHY did I never see the collage photoshop actions?! Shame on me. I can design a logo, save-the-date, invitation, and who knows what else... but ask me to make a structured collage on Photoshop -- no sir! Jose (my fiance) always makes fun of me because the artist in me is not good with "rulers" and centering -- something I am working on mastering.

Ironically, as a bride I am also in need of these story board templates and Heather had no idea (maybe she does now, haha) how long I've been looking for this. SO, if I am enlightening any of you... you can get these actions here! And more at the CoffeeShop.