chic critique contest

Chic Critique Fall Cover Entry

We should ALL try this.  It's like when you stand in front of your closet, you see options, but you stand there thinking WHAT DO I CHOOSE?!

At least for me that's how it is picking a photo for a contest.  Kinda scary, right?  But that should never stop you.  It's so worth trying, despite the fear of not being chosen or feeling silly for trying.  Trust me, there has been so many no's in my story.  It's deflating and discouraging but it brings you that much closer to a yes.

So consider this post not only my submission to Chic Critique, but a nudge to you to embrace the no's in your story because it's better to have a no that will put you closer to a yes, than forever stand in that same place of fear -- never moving forward.