Day 45: Candles

So I had an idea on my way home from work for today's post and it didn't quite work out. Luckily I still managed to get some decent pictures, but I had to get my dress altered (length wise) and it took longer than I expected. I'm just now getting online with little time to post (much less edit) when lo and behold -- my awesome friend Elena Gutierrez sent an entry!


But I must say that the pictures I took today are worth posting, simply for the back story. So you'll see those tomorrow ;) In case you were worried.

From Elena: "I love candles! Depending on your mood, they can meet so many needs. They can light up a room. They give the feeling of being warm and cozy. They can give off yummy scents. Whether I need to relax and unwind after a long day at work, reflect on whatever's going on in my life, or simply mask the smell of burnt food (hehehe), candles are great!"

I have to agree with Elena about candles setting a mood and also enjoying their scent. I'm lucky that where I rent I get to have my own bathroom with a garden tub, and lining it up with candles even for just a shower makes me very relaxed and feel feminine too. Thank you Elena :)

"I don't try to work every day. I -do- work every day." --Beatrice Wood, arts and crafts creator
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