business talk

Is it worth it?

So I wanted to take a small step away from photos and bring you up to date with my current "business" plans.

I am for real, y'all.

I think the message I've been hearing over the past few months is RECOGNIZE WHAT YOU SHOULDN'T BE DOING. Are you losing sleep? Do you dread your work flow? Are you... burned out? If you answered yes, my guess is that you are playing too many roles in your business.

Right now I'm at a point where I am still growing and establishing the foundation of my business. I would say it's pretty common for photographers to immediately begin investing in lenses (or other equipment) once their business starts growing. Not this girl. I can't tell you HOW badly I'd like to do that, but I'm forcing myself to rent.

Why? Because I recognize that I cannot play the role of accountant, financial planner, technician, and still be sane. Or heck, feel rested. And this is where I have to disagree with the famous Army slogan: Be All You Can Be.

THAT right there is the problem .. with small business owners.

We DO try to be all that we can be! So enter this burden that we suddenly start carrying, the roles that we try to fulfill, and we suddenly have a problem with releasing control of our business. And this brings me back to the same message over and over again:

I won't tell you what to, and not to do... I would simply like to share what I am doing.

I made a list of some of the tasks that I felt would impact my business greatly -- in baby steps. Finances. Packaging. Security.

Future thoughts: Hire or do a business trade with local photographer for album design.

And I hope y'all know I had to REALLY sit down and think about these steps. Start with making a list of goals and what 3, or even 2 things you can do right now to invest in your business professionally. You're a professional photographer -- not a professional accountant. (Or maybe you ARE and if so, holla atcha girl ;). And then, of course, it comes down to what you are willing to invest.

You either a) have plenty/just enough to invest or b) you would possibly LOSE money by outsourcing your top needs.

But this is what it REALLY comes down to...

I want to leave you with what Tamara Lackey asked during her Creative Live seminar. "Would it be worth it if you love what you do, you get more energy and time with your family/yourself, you are happier -- but possibly lose about a couple thousand for these initial investments?" And my guess is, by investing wisely in the beginning (with the risk of losing money) -- you will have a much higher chance of growing exponentially in your future that you will eventually make that initial loss back and some.

Remember, investment isn't only in cash/money. Your time, your energy, your happiness is investment. Well, to me they are. What about you? What would you outsource? Any thoughts on your top 3 needs? Or, what isn't worth sacrificing?