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Why One Boy is Enough

Having Jose and my brother home has completely SHOT my productivity! Because I did some sessions right before the holidays, I'm technically still working (granted, after I took off some days for Christmas). Jose is granted a long vacation, which I'm really thankful for, but I don't have an office anymore (since it's my brother's room while he visits), so I'm working in the dining room RIGHT by the TV. And those boys. And our new Xbox.

Am I back in college? Oh wait, NO -- because in college my roommate didn't leave the toilet seat up, stayed up till' 3 in the morning whooping me at trivial pursuit, picked on me for being the only girl, and get guilt tripped for not wanting to play Halo. So THIS is what life would have been like with more than one brother? Someone get Jasmine Vidal over here, quick!!

Hold on a second. I need to throw my shoe at the TV turn my music up so the gun shots from Halo quit distracting my typing. There we go. So I wanted to share some goodies with you...

A sneak peek of a special project I'm working on. Something I've never really done before...

Check out my socks. If you read this blog post, you might have an idea why I'm wearing them :)

Today is my grandma's birthday. She celebrated it "big" this past Sunday at church because the past 2 years in a row she was in the hospital for her birthday.

How awesome does she look?!? If you didn't know this about me, my grandma pretty much raised me when my mom worked. Love this woman beyond words! She wore this to my wedding. I was cracking up when my cousin Melissa sent me this picture text because my grandma (and about every Amador female) always dresses to a T, no matter how old they are. She's wearing a wig and it's funny because she used to wear a short, bronze-ish, bob wig when she'd go to church. When Jose saw the photo he asked "Oh! Is that what she looks like when she wears her hair down?!" Oh baby, I hope you believe those things about me too when I only have wisps of hair left on my head :)

Next, I have to tell you about this AMAZING online store my dance instructor shared with me called Styles For Less. She told us that she got some of her stuff here and I thought I recognized some of the tops. They look SO good in person and the price is ridonculous! Seriously, how sexy is this top for only EIGHT bucks?! Thank you, thank you, thank you Cory for sharing this!

So would you believe me if I told you we did this without photoshop? This is why I'm not going to bed till' 3 AM.

That was one of my absolute favorites!! But here are more we did with my camera using the bulb feature (hand held) ...

Look at the difference when we used a tripod and popped a burst of light with my external flash (off the camera).

On this one (which is my new profile pic), I was holding the flash right beside me and pressing it as I jumped)...

Looks like I'm ready to leave this room! Now it's time for me to leave this blog and get back to finishing more goodies while these boys play Halo :)