bridesmaid dresses

O la la dresses

I had to post this dress -- it is considered a "bridesmaid" dress.

I'm not going to lie -- it is a pretty amazing, rocking dress. But seriously? Could you imagine women's faces when a bridesmaid walks down the aisle rocking that dress? They think "well the bride MUST have something that will floor us!"

However, the same designer made these, and I think these are GORGEOUS without backstaging the bride (me!).

This Etsy seller has very beautiful, long dresses. I just don't know if all of my girls would look good in long dresses.... but they need to start finding their dress soon!!

Have any of you ever owned a wrap dress? The one that has like 30 different styles you can wear it in. I was always hesitant to see if they REALLY were that easy to create. Because if they are, I think my bridesmaids should consider this:

for only $125 !! Don't you love the bottom row black one on the far left? Exposes your shoulders in such a feminine way, yet wraps around your neck for a more formal/elegant look.

GROOMSMEN -- you are next!!

...that's gong to be hard...