brand video

JJ Number 8 Brand Preview

Releasing this film on Wednesday. 

Y E S!

The irony is that I am taking down all of my STILLS from my website. And here I am, posting them. Why? Because my professional portfolio from here on out will specialize in video. I will continue to share my stills on my blog and Facebook page, but for the sake of future direction - I want to make my intentions clear :) I'm heeding the advice of professionals that my current site may confuse future clients, so adieu stills.

BUT. BUT. How on earth can I ever not continue shooting? Of course I will. It will just be a part of the same video project... or some other collaborative project. 

Someone asked me if I think differently when I am filming than when I am simply photographing (like framing, posing, and composition). And I realized... geez, I really do. I don't know that I would have created these photos if I only would have been doing a photoshoot. Hm.

Who knows. Maybe my stills will work their way into my online portfolio again somehow. In the mean time, I love sharing them with you on this space :)