Ale Vidal

About every 3 years, I take time to reanalyze where I am in my business and how my message is being communicated online. These past 2 years were such a defining time in my work that I knew it was time to update my brand and visual presence. Not really re-brand... just truly communicate the evolution of my business and how it has been refined over these past 2 years.

Current Status:

New logo? Check. My logo was designed by Jen Olmstead (link) to introduce my current shift from "Imaginale" to "Ale Vidal." Website? Almost! It is currently in the final stages, designed by Creative Riot (link) --- who also happen to be my clients!

Aside from actually re-designing my logo, one of my favorite parts of this entire process was getting to do brand homework for myself. Part of my film process is giving my clients homework, and this time - I was on the other end. I was curious as to what kind of questions I would be asked and I think these 3 truly forced me to articulate what exactly it is that I do...

Who or what is Ale Vidal? 

My name is Ale Vidal – I’m a storytelling creative that connects brands to their audience in an emotional and intimate way. I specialize in directing cinematic, evocative content based on a brand’s worldview by producing short films and photographs. My goal is to create a story that is captivating and true – one that people can’t stop thinking about and find worthy of sharing.

What makes it special?

It makes people come alive. These films speak a language that transcend logic and so the audience is moved by the brand represented – wanting to further associate with that brand.  To me, these are the elements I focus on and transform: emotion, connection, and direction.

Why do your clients choose to work with you?

They either a) long to take their brand to another level – one that is different and creates a gripping connection or b) want to communicate a specific message (campaign) in a way that will create an emotional response with their audience.

I don't really use the word "re-branding" for this particular process of mine because it's not that my brand message or even visual identity is completely transforming. It's just that we all evolve in our business, our life stage, and who we are as people. That doesn't mean *change* per say, but life gives us clarity as time passes. I knew my current website was no longer communicating my vision moving forward and how it has already evolved. I'm a lot more focused on being a director and I believe that I was in a very photographer-centric arena where now I'd really like to expand my space to involve more agencies and other creatives. 

So that's a little glimpse into what has triggered all of this, and a process that has really been a year in the making. You should try answering those questions for your own business :) Stay tuned as we continue moving forward into this journey.... thanks for being a part of it! 

The Big S Word: Sharing

The big S word.  Sharing.  You know what's funny?  I bet a majority of us that decided to pursue photography professionally never REALLY had an idea of how much sharing we would have to do.  And I'm not talking about sharing photos, I'm talking about sharing a vision, ideas, an identity, and sometimes... it involves vulnerability.  Right?  I mean, that is ultimately what we need for our brand to authentically represent us.

I believe so.  I'd love for someone to look at my Imaginale logo and immediately associate thoughts with it because of everything I have shared with them.  The part I work at everyday is the TYPES of thoughts people have when they look at my logo.  What Imaginale represents -- which is built by my messages, my clients' experience, and consistency.  Sharing.  And for those of you that have been afraid to share, let me share snippets from Chris Hilicki's book to give you an idea of the impact sharing can have.

Your Brand = An Instant Message
"You have an image that serves as an instant message for all who look to you for help, for knowledge, for inspiration.  Those around you use your image the way we use shorthand.  It quickly encodes what lies beneath and takes time to understand."
1) What feelings do you want your presence to evoke?  Your images to evoke?
2) How were you designed to live and what does that look like?
3) How was your company designed to be and what does that look like?
"A brand is brought to life by the personality of the product or service the brand stands for.  And these things don't have personalities in and of themselves.  People do."
It's scary, right?  A business built so strongly on your image.  But the thing is, it's built around the truth of who YOU are.  So don't let that be scary.  Maybe your journey right now is to embrace who you are.  To dig and start discovering who exactly you are.

"Only when you truly know who you are will you know who you can become."

And to be honest, that is probably one of the hardest parts of this journey.  Many can teach you how to use the camera, but to start understanding (and to some, accepting) who we are -- that takes so much time.  But I promise that by sharing -- it will bring you closer.  And mind you, not just sharing anything -- but sharing the truth of who you are.  I'll leave you with these last snippets from Hilicki:

"Many organizations and companies hide their stories, waiting until they feel they have a story that will impress their customers.  [They] think they have to wait for measurable success before sharing and building their brand when the opposite is true.  Share your story correctly and the success will come.

Before using emotion to tell your story, you must know what the facts of your story really are.  The story doesn't start with emotion -- it is merely expressed emotionally.  The starting point is the truth."