Alexander Currier

I didn't have a sneak peek for Alexander, but I have something better: His full post! Thanks to the 3 day weekend, I was able to finish editing a majority of Alexander's pictures (I had about 10 I had to finish tonight which took me longer than I expected).

Alexander's eyes are TRULY storm eyes. They have clouds, reflections of oceans, and constantly developing. I mean, I have to say when I looked back at these photos I didn't realize how captivating his eyes could be. Thank you to Caitlin for providing me with a gorgeous backyard set up (yeah!! this was done outside!), along with the step ladder to help me get the shots I was too short for ;)

And without further adieu.... Alexander Currier

A little fuzzy, but love his expression

Alexander: "Hey, wait a minute, I recognize that face! I see her every waking second!" :)

One of my favorites! So much lint on those cute feet!

Tell me, how COMFY do these pants look?! Like the perfect pair of PJ's.... and YES, that is a zipper spot these pants have! No real zipper... but they make Alexander feel like a big boy.

And *gasp* the DOG!!! Completely hamming up the camera!! I gotta admit this one is one of my favorites... look at those eyes. This whole session had amazing eyes! haha.

These were in the backyard. How could I NOT capture these beauties?!

And last.... my ABSOLUTE favorite. It's like a painting to me. I have to say though, that tree is giving Alexander competition for being the most breathtaking element in this picture. But clearly, after you see Alexander's little baby bump, how can you not love this?!

(click to enlarge)

Can we just say it was a scene from Southern Living?! Beautiful home and beautiful family. Thank you Currier Family!