Bellas: Jasmine Vidal Native Fashion

I don't know if you've noticed that this has been the summer of Native American wear. And seeing as how I live in the desert... this has been quite fitting.

We went with two looks for Jasmine. The first is a more edgy, punkier Native American interpretation:

And the second -- a softer, bohemian interpretation:

I wish you could see the bottom right one in print. I ordered a metallic print and the colors are amazing -- one of my favorites!

What has been your summer clothing selection? I've been all over coral and recently getting into bright nail polish colors. And by bright, I mean neon. Go ahead, judge. My husband already did! Which will be opposite to what I hear is making a comeback this fall... KHAKI. Say what?

I might be making that up. Let's hope so cause khaki and I are like Spice Girls making a reunion tour with N'Sync. Just not right. But possibly interesting.

Your thoughts on khaki? Hope you enjoyed our rendition of Native American fashion. Happy Monday!

Outfit Chronicles: Hippie Style

I can't even tell you how LONG I have had these type of headbands, only to lack the guts to wear them this way in public...

Inspired by the Rustic Winterland photoshoot I had done the day before, I decided to finally wear it to church. It's not really anything to be excited about, but it WAS a big deal for me! Sometimes I'll design ideas for models and feel too silly to wear it myself.

I pulled my favorite Spain dress on, a matching sweater on top with my fav 50 cent vintage belt, and some comfy boots. I got a lot of great feedback, including being called a hippie :)

Can I just give a shout out to Jose?! I always ask him to take my outfit photos, and with some guidance.. he has gotten SO good!

Sometimes he'll take some in the middle of me doing something and it comes out crazy like this...
(I was pulling the head band off)

Or really awesome, like this...

Dress: boutique in Spain, leggings: Charolette Russe, belt: Zinnia's Thrift Store, sweater: I think a hand me down?, headband: F21, boots: Shoe Land, earrings: F21 (ONLY $1.50!!)

Do you ever envision an outfit and possibly have it in your closet but are too afraid to wear in public? Jose refuses to believe that I ever feel shy about wearing something. Um, WRONG! I just want to be sure it's true to my style and not trying to force something I'm not. And considering the happy faces, peace signs, and bulky bracelets I used to wear in middle school ... hippie inspiration isn't far from my style ;)