blog re-design

Re-Design for the Blog


In a matter of one day I have renewed my blog design. A little tweak here and there, but the header is the biggest change (so far). I felt for quite some time that there was a huge disconnect between my old blog header and my website. And being as impulsive as I am, I HAD to do it last night.

I met with Alex of AVE Styles yesterday go over our recent fashion shoot (which you need to be on the edge of your seat for!!), and she gave me great feedback seeing as how she works for a designer herself :) She pointed out that my old blog header appeared more masculine, and the only part that really confirmed that it was MY blog was my logo. Tsk tsk. That's not good! It's actually quite ironic considering how FAR from masculine I am (and my brand).

This is my old header....

It's from a photo I took in Spain that I love, mixed with some graphics I created. Yeah, I love the photo -- but the color scheme, content of the image, and layout does NOT reflect my website.

I've known it for quite some time but didn't want to just slap something together. Alex suggested "in the mean time" to take pieces from my website so it literally translates over to my blog. So last night after bible study -- I was on a mission.

First I tried the chalk board....

Too plain. Jose suggested adding photos, but I didn't want to add photos of my clients on my header. Why? Because I have such a variety of clients that I don't want to restrict my brand to a particular client OR overwhelm it with everything that represents me.

So then I played with design elements from my website....

Now I'm liking where this is going. But this doesn't even show that I'm a photographer! However, I knew going in the right direction.

Finally, I decided that the part of the chalkboard I didn't like for my header was the wooden frame. I decided to eliminate the frame and use the black-board as the background. Then I added the coral strip because it's consistent with my blogging (and I LOVE that color!). After that I knew I wanted to use the small flower that I have on my website as an accent. All I needed now was my logo, a little more flair, and I got there!

Actually that photo is from an Outfit Chronicles post that I haven't posted because I JUST had Jose take this picture 3 days ago. Talk about updated!

I thought my "slogan" really reflected the content of my blog. My "in between" has so much to do with my life in between being a photographer and designer. This includes me being a wife, explorer, my creative ramblings, and moving to a new city. I wanted more than anything for my header to reflect my feminine, fashion, and storytelling brand. I love mixing curves (logo + flowers + part of slogan) with very clean and straight lines (coral bar + part of slogan).

Anyway! That was my rapid thought process. I was pretty determined and I knew what I wanted. This isn't to say that it is my final revision on my blog. Oh no, no, no! The header revision is simply a step to dust off my blog. I'll continue to add the flair that I envision in the future, but my priority was to at least have it reflect my website and be consistent in the mean time. Kinda like adding paintings and frames to your wall but knowing that one day you actually want to PAINT the wall. You start with baby steps :)

Share your thoughts!! I'd love to know what you think! Does this reflect Imaginale Design? Do you like the color scheme? Hey, it's Friday!!