Bella: Feminine Story Telling

You guys, I am slightly freaking out. I'm leading a class on the 18th at an event here in Phoenix called REMIX (ladies join me!!). I'm honored ... really, I am. I love teaching.  However, the thought of speaking for 45 minutes does make my palms perspire just a little.

Class full of women with different photography levels.


I dug deep into what strength I felt I had that I could share with them.  What is MISSING from images regardless if someone used a phone or an SLR.

A STORY. Photos that make you feel something. And so, the art of storytelling lecture is born. And let's just say staring at a blank Power Point screen is about as overwhelming as learning to keep a mint plant alive (seriously? anyone else especially good at killing plants?).

That being said, I leave you with the lovely Audree and a shoot focused on my love of feminine story telling...

Oh! And in case you missed her video last time (this was a Motion session), you can see it HERE!

Bella: Meilan Lipstick Series

I came across this quote on my wedding photographer's blog last year and it describes perfectly the essence of the Lipstick Series:
One of the most enduring and stylish metrics for measuring the severity of hard times is sales of red lipstick. First noted during the dark days of Wold War II, when the popularity of the glamorous but relatively inexpensive pick-me-up skyrocketed, it has proven to be a surprisingly accurate barometer ever since. But it goes beyond makeup. Time and time again, when the going gets tough, the tough get glowing. -- Harper’s Bazaar: Greatest Hits by Glenda Bailey

It really wasn't until the middle of last year that my interest in lipstick started to spark.  I used to think red lipstick was over-powering or "too much."  Boy, was I wrong.  From red to fuchsia pink, I am a fan.  But I have to admit it that wearing red lipstick takes some guts :)  Are you a fan of lipstick?  I hope to bring you more lipstick series in the future! 

Huge thanks to Meilan Mizell for rocking out this shoot!  And my girl Hannah Hayes of Heroine Chic for the styling :)

A Little Bit of Frida

My mind took off running with this idea.  An idea that I dreamt up and to see it come alive made every bone in my body alive as well.

I can't wait.  Like, I literally can-not-wait to share this entire shoot with you (hence the preview ;).  Bear with me though... it might be a while.  But I promise it is worth the wait :)

Bellas: A Spontaneous Session

Let's backtrack to my Vegas trip back in February.  Yeeeeees... long over due!  When we weren't taking classes, we were busy making pancakes in our hotel or doing a lot of this:
 There's something specific about these behind the scene images I want to cover, but that'll be another post entirely.  The beautiful women you are seeing are my amazing WPPI roommates and beautiful photographers -- Jillian Tree and Megan Bookhammer.  Here's Jillian :)
 Jillian in action
 I know, I know.  A lot of profile shots because LOOK-AT-THAT-JAWLINE!
This girl does not mess around.  Let's just say I'm thankful I haven't sprained anything considering the things I've also climbed.

Love these girls!  This is actually the same area I took Karie's photos :)  The gold reflection on the windows were so swanky.

I hope the middle of the week is treating you well.  I've had a shattered iPhone for the past ___ months (I'm too ashamed at how long I've left it this way) -- and I am FINALLY getting it fixed today!  Thank you groupon for hollering atcha cheap girl.  Yup, if it wasn't for the groupon specials that existed, this girl would still be carrying around a shattered iphone.  I forgot what it's like to look down at a clear screen.  To not turn my phone upside down in public so my shattered screen doesn't stir up conversation.  Actually, you want to know what I did?  After the shattering occurred, I clearly couldn't use it without fearing I would slice my little finger.  SO.  Jose ordered a plastic screen cover to go over the glass.  And now there are BUBBLES under the plastic screen.  It's ugly y'all.  So needless to say.. it-is-about-time :)