bella session

Ekaterina - Bella Mentoring

A few favorites from my mentoring session with Mary Claire photographing Ekaterina. Mary Claire killed it with that head piece!

We discussed composition (framing in unexpected ways), hair light (how to find it), and pre-visualizing an image. I loooove teaching!

This last one is my favorite. Ekaterina naturally has dancer hands - meaning as she moves them she lets her wrist come down first like a dancer which gives her fingers a more delicate look. Crazy how much hands can change the feel of an image!

Tip: Always pay attention to a female's hands when photographing them. Sometimes before I even take a photo, I practice just hand movement with the person I am photographing. Not kidding! Try it :)

Bella: Feminine Story Telling

You guys, I am slightly freaking out. I'm leading a class on the 18th at an event here in Phoenix called REMIX (ladies join me!!). I'm honored ... really, I am. I love teaching.  However, the thought of speaking for 45 minutes does make my palms perspire just a little.

Class full of women with different photography levels.


I dug deep into what strength I felt I had that I could share with them.  What is MISSING from images regardless if someone used a phone or an SLR.

A STORY. Photos that make you feel something. And so, the art of storytelling lecture is born. And let's just say staring at a blank Power Point screen is about as overwhelming as learning to keep a mint plant alive (seriously? anyone else especially good at killing plants?).

That being said, I leave you with the lovely Audree and a shoot focused on my love of feminine story telling...

Oh! And in case you missed her video last time (this was a Motion session), you can see it HERE!

Bella: Shades of Pink

We sat in my office, music blaring, and within 5 minutes she was looking like a lion...
You have to trust me, I said as we laughed at the sight of her hair.  But of course, there's no question Ana would trust me.  It's that type of vulnerability and trust that allows me to capture Ana this way.

So I covered my (inflatable) mattress with fabric and knew it was time to make magic again :)

I'm pretty sure the little girl inside of me was fist pumping throughout this entire shoot.  Shades of pink, flowers, crazy hair?  Heck yeah ;)

A shot of fear and excitement

These are the clients I dream about.  But then fear starts to creep in and makes me second-guess myself.  It's a pressure I put on myself with clients that I respect and admire so much.  Which is the case for this Leidan Mitchell commercial shoot I'm working on.  I couldn't resist sharing some of the images as I try to take deep breaths and just trust in myself...

Crazy side note: I had just met Amy, the model from The Agency Arizona used for this shoot, on Monday and she ended up attending the same marriage retreat with her husband that Jose and I just got back from this past weekend!  Speaking of this retreat, I had a little tennis lesson from Jose and I managed to hit a ball outside the immensely TALL fence and on to some cliffs.  Clearly my brain interpreted tennis racket = BAT.  I managed to finally get the hang of it!  I guess it depends on who you ask, ha.

Alrighty, back to editing, pinterest breaks, and deep breathing I go :)