barcelona street break dancing

Hey-o Barcelona Breakers

Let's just cut to the chase. I'm FINALLY finished with Barcelona, and since I can't post all 288 photos (that I narrowed down), I figured I'd put a little collage together of the break dancers. Remember him? Yeah, him and his friends. I wanted to get their e-mail SO bad so I could send them their photos... but.. I chickened out.

Make sure you let it fully load! And you HAVE to watch it on HD or my photos will look like they have chicken pox.

Hope you liked my little video montage! I really enjoy making these. But more than anything - photographing it! What do you think?! Did you like the music? Can you guess who the music artist is...? Don't cheat by looking on my YouTube commentary! haha. Your hint is: "slave."

Tape or No Tape

I'm starving. This is what happens when I get inspired by a photo. I end up spending almost 3 hours on it because I just can't pass the idea up and end up skipping lunch in order to FINISH.

But let me start at the beginning.

Before reaching hunger, I was going through my set of Barcelona photos. Mind you, I divided my Spain pictures by each city and I'm STILL on the first city we visited. I hit the "break dancing" set which is basically a slew of photos I took of these break dancers on the street.

I was so excited about some of the poses I captured that I thought "Surely I can do some crazy editing with this." Sure, anyone can, but the real question is: "Can I do some GOOD, crazy editing with this?" I knew what would help me: PSDTuts. They are my mentors for my lack of formal education on graphic design. I have the desire, but I don't have the foundation. So if any of you have lunch to skip, photoshop, and 3 hours -- try one of the tutorials out! This is the one I did, but obviously changed it to my own style.

Here's the original with no touch up or editing:

Align Center

Then on photoshop I did this:

Then I transferred it to Lightroom to bump up the blacks, cool it down, and basically add intensity for my final result:

Question: Keep the tape? Or no?

I love mixing the clean "Barcelona" typography with a scribbled cassette on the bottom. The cassette is a tribute to the old school -- to the funk one dances/breaks to. But, stylistically, does it take away from the overall image? The tape might unbalance the bottom...

What do you think?!