bachelor party traditions in Spain

Spain: Madrid Part 1

La capital de España...

I successfully managed to sunburn my face, visit el Museo Del Prado, took a trip to Toledo, drank the BEST strawberry mojito, ate (and ate and ate), and became exhausted with all of the tourist visits. Probably one of the only cities where Jose and I participated in the most "touristy" activities. This includes a bull fight. !!!. But that will be for part 2.

There were so many churches. The beauty, architecture, and detail on every wall was breath taking.

I can't say it enough: I'm in love with European architecture!

And then we stumbled upon a bachelor party...

Except the only skirt you'll see in their bachelor party is the one on the groom. Luckily we were with Borja's Aunt (a Madrid native) who explained what was going on. Bar hopping? Pfft. That's for amateurs. In Spain, the groom dresses up in drag (color coordination might be a preference) and struts his stuff while his friends take photos and blow whistles to draw attention.

Gotta admit... quite entertaining :) Though it looks like this particular groom had a stylist on hand. Just look at that outfit and color coordination! I guess if you're going to embarass yourself, might as well do it with style...

Happy Monday :)