asian confession

Husband Chronicles: My Asian Confession

Yes. I do it. I sometimes wonder what Jose and I's kid(s) will look like. Will they have my husband's oh-so-cute-often-teased-about eyes? Who will get the short genes and who will get the tall ones?

I swear that the first time I went on a date with Jose, in the back of my mind I wondered "Is one of his parents Asian?" Surely, I thought, someone has something Asian in them. I thought it was subtle and cool. Go ahead and judge me for basing a cultural assumption on looks, but I know I'm not the only one! Nod your head. It's okay. People think I'm white all the time.

But seriously, how does one go from looking like this....

to this?!

We're talking different skin tone and features! Isn't it amazing how babies change and develop over time?!

But my point is that I've always been so fond of Jose's prominent features -- especially his eyes. When I look at his baby photos, I laugh so hard and start to fall in love again. His curiosity, affection, and goofy sense of humor -- I see it in those photos.

So imagine my heart when I stumbled across Hamada Hideaki's work...

These are her boys and her AMAZING photography.

I admire how some people have an inherent ability to freeze moments. It's almost like she's hidden in the background, giving us a glimpse of 2 brothers' mischievous, exploring, and adventurous world.

When I saw these photos, I thought about Jose and what he was like as a kid. I saw him in those photos. How he still has those playful characteristics and how I can't even imagine what our boy will be like, fused with our personalities...

Don't you just want to spend an afternoon with them?!

Lucky for me, I get to spend an entire life with this one :)

And I can only imagine, God willing, the adventures our little ones will put us through one day!