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Yasmin Sarai's Promo Video Reveal

And this is how it started.

Yasmin Sarai traveled to Phoenix for the Sitehouse Go Live workshop. This is where we first met :) I remember she was there with her husband Kurt - celebrating their one year anniversary. When I took her head shots, I also snuck Kurt in to get some of them together. Gold. I remember a lot of gold because it's a well-defined element of Yasmin's brand. We kept throwing gold streamers in the air :) 

Fast forward to one year later.  After a very detailed Skype date, Yasmin was ready to film her promo and I am the lucky one that is chosen to create it. Yasmin and Kurt hop back into their car to take an all familiar drive to Phoenix. She arrives and reveals to me that… she is pregnant!! Oh, life. I want to bust out into this Lion-King-Circle-of-Life song because I have seen her photography journey from a beginning point - including their marriage and now a family. 

Magic. In just 2 days we manage to capture the mood of Yasmin - her as an artist, an individual, and the experience her clients will have with her. But I won't pretend that this happened out of nowhere. This is what happens in our Skype (or in person) date. I dig and dig because my role is to articulate your story - your brand - with visuals, feelings, and movement that represent the best part of your promise.

This is Yasmin's promise:

My updated site...

If you haven't heard the news on my Facebook page, I launched my updated site today!!!

Actually, before Liz Grant (the amazing designer behind everything) hit 'publish' I scattered like crazy to my computer so I could get screenshots of my old site before it vanished from the world. I love keeping records of my old work so that I can see the evolution of my brand. Do you? I don't know, I guess I just really enjoying seeing where I was - or where my head was at - and compare the differences.

But let me just say, I was preeeetty stinkin' proud of my old site. I designed it myself and actually launched literally around this time last year with it.

My 2012 site:

My 2013 site:

You will see that I kept a lot of similar elements because my style has (for the most part) been consistently feminine. The biggest difference is having a landing page now where the user can choose between MOTION and STILLS. Video has become a major part of Imaginale Design so it was time to reflect that in my portfolio.

Also, the About Me page design is amazing!! I feel like now people can experience who I am instead of me telling you who I am. Not to mention there's a video involved ;) FINALLY, right?! How can I be making videos for other artists without at least having one for myself? :) Let's just say a lot of make-shift tripods were involved along with the help of my husband and a few friends to lend me hands.

Happy Friday friends :)

In the flea markets of France

Picture this...

An artist travels to France with a friend, exploring the flea markets in a country that has always influenced her work - her handcrafted hair accessories. And there, in France at a flea market, she finds this delicate lace that she packs up and brings back home to Arizona. And what does this artist do? She makes a JAW-DROPPING veil with that lace using pearl accents from the 50's and the most refined fabric.

The artist? Jennifer Wood. The collection? Mignonne Handmade. Yes, as in this-veil-can-be-purchased!!

Capturing this limited Spring line collection for Jen is the kind of thing that sets my heart on fire. She even designed this DRESS! And the fabric on that dress? I was squealing and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Jen said, "all you have to do is give this girl some fabric and she is happy." Oh Jen, you know me too well...

Did you catch your breath?!

And if that wasn't enough, imagine this in MOTION! Y'all. Don't get me started. We made a video.

Yes, yes, yes. Monday. The day after Sunday. Have the confetti ready ;)

Love in Colorado Snow

One of my favorite memories from this past weekend. We drove in our little rental car to the mountains, ran out and played in the snow. Eventually I couldn't feel my hands and ran back to the car and Jose entertained me with chunking snow at the little Nissan. Seeing this much snow for the first time felt so magical that I had to film it...