Glimpses of My Family's Past

I love, love looking at old family pictures. A lot of it has to do because all of my family's old photos are from Honduras so it's even more intriguing to see those.

One of my mom's cousins...

Breath taking. Her beautiful knee-length braids with the overwhelming bows, her stance, her attire, the strong lipstick on her little lips. I love this photo.

My grandma with her five daughters. My mom is the one with the shades -- insanely skinny! Apparently in that particular time it was better to be plump and full, so she actually would eat bananas after every meal to try and gain weight. Then she said she moved to the States and after successfully gaining weight she realized what was a la mode in her country wasn't the case here. Ha. The irony.

And last is this beautiful photo of my grandfather in his youth.

Looking at it fills my heart not only because of the image itself, but also because of my grandmother's handwriting on it.

When I went home, I decided it was time to take formal photos of my grandmother.

And honestly, I don't have the words to tell you about this experience. In So You Think You Can Dance they told one of the dancers that sometimes they feel she can only communicate particular emotions through her dance. You know, when words simply fail you as you try to describe what you're experiencing? This is one of those moments for me -- photographing my grandmother.

I'm putting together a special piece for her so you'll have to wait a little to see the photos. But I can-not-wait to share this insanely special experience with you!

Don't you love how you can share in someone's life through photography? Augh. Hands down the best part of being a photographer. Happy Friday everyone! :)