a purse

Day 44: A Purse

Not just ANY purse... but one that will hold my camera equipment!

In this special series of what makes you feel feminine, I can't thank Epiphanie enough for creating a purse just for female photogs. Seriously. If you name a product "Lola" -- I will be all over that, faster than my butt hits my plane seat to Spain on May 24th. Hmm. Okay, maybe not that quick since I am planning a wedding and "buying" is a bit on hold at the second.

But you get my point.

These purses are beautiful!

So here is my dorky attempt to show their bag some love and cross every limb I have that I might win that Canon 5D Mark II.

Christmas can come early, right? Right??

"Personally, I'm waiting for caller IQ." -Sandra Bernhard, sovereign of the snide aside
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