a journey worth taking

Brian + Amanda: Sedona, Arizona Wedding

Somehow ... somehow I managed to narrow down a few favorites from Brian and Amanda's wedding.

It started with a little tap on my shoulder.  Amanda.  She had just returned from Thailand, glowing with something more than tan lines.  We were at a get together for PhoenixONE and having remembered seeing the most exciting news on Facebook, I threw my arms around her to congratulate her on her engagement.  We talked about her trip and I listened in silence, amazed at how God and this guy named Brian captivated her.

Then she gave me a smile and asked - I was actually wondering if you'd be interested in being our wedding photographer?

That is how it started.  However, I had no idea how much I was going to be impacted by these two in one single day.  After their first kiss, they dropped down on their knees to pray.  I felt that lump in my throat and was at complete awe.  I understood how much Brian and Amanda's heart was completely and utterly surrendered.  As they held each other, on their knees, I was just... moved.

Before running (and riding) off (a la Elliott style ;), everyone rallied around them in prayer.  Rally.  That's exactly what their friends and family are doing (STILL) for Brian and Amanda.  The most beautiful support system for two people who want nothing more than to serve those around them.  This is Brian and Amanda.

A journey worth taking.  One that you can support too :)  And just in case: their wedding video -- if you missed it.