Daniela + Cris: McAllen, Texas Wedding

As I darted up the stairs and walked into the dressing room, Dani's mom met me with a church's chicken finger.  How does she know me so well?! I love fried chicken.  "Eat Alejandra!"  Needless to say, I felt at home.

I absolutely adore Dani, Cris, and their family.  The day was brimming with emotion, Daniela laughing through the tears of such an overwhelmingly beautiful day at Quinta Luz Ranch.  

And this my friends is called the Hora Loca (Crazy Hour) that is full of colors and music.  Streamers, hats, masks, and whistles are passed out to guests so that they literally create a celebration as the bridal party makes another appearance with their Hora Loca attire.  

Um, in other words, one heck of a party.

Thank you Dani and Cris for sharing this day, your family, and your friends with me.  You both are so special and so incredibly loved.  It was easy to be around such an amazing group of people who were clearly ready to celebrate your love.  Gerardo (my amazing second shooter) and I had the best time at your wedding!

I went home wearing a tiara and my hair covered in silly string.  Need I say more? ;)

Outfit Chronicles: In the fields of Texas

Oh Texas.

My brother and I were in route to College Station when I suddenly jerked up in my seat (because I always make a commotion when I get an idea) and asked excitedly "is there a field we can pull over and do some photos?!"  

My brother then retorts: IS THERE?!  Where do you think we are, New York?! 

No, he didn't actually say that.  He actually told me about the PERFECT field not only for Outfit Chronicle photos... but for some graduation photos.  I only slightly get the whole Aggie thing, but good Lord there was a BARN dedicated to Aggies.  Calm down guys.  Hence, exhibit A:
Anyway, like I said before... must be in our genes but my brother (with such good direction :) rocked out my session.  He got the whole back-button-focus down to a T (random question: what the heck does "T" stand for in that phrase??).
This top is perfect for dance practice or for wearing over a swim suit.  Cause really, what else would a shredded back be good for?  Oh, that's right -- Texas road trips and Outfit Chronicles.

If you didn't notice, those pants are HIGH WAIST pants.  High waist my friends.  They make me feel... retro.  I love all the bright colors that are out for summer and as we all know, I am no stranger to rainbow tops, so seeing this one at Ross was the perfect addition to my t-shirt summer.

Thanks for stopping by! :)  P.s. I'm going to start an FAQ series soon, so e-mail me any photography/business/styling related q's your pretty little mind may have to alejandra (at) imaginaledesign.com

It's hard to be humble when...

The night was ending and Brittany pulled her car up front to load it with our equipment. Confetti decorated the ground that only seconds before had been surrounded by guests waving goodbye to the bride and groom. Right as we began to walk out of the ranch, a family member yelled out to us "bye y'all!" I immediately repeated it quietly with a huge smile... bye y'all. That simple goodbye was like sweet tea to a Southern girl. Things that will forever remind you of your home town.

When we stepped outside with the bride and groom and I saw that purple sky, my heart wore her Texas boots proudly.

At Brittany's side for this wedding we indulged in each other's company, laughing, dancing, and busting our butt for every shot. Finding that sign at the end of the night only made it more perfect.

So cheers Brittany! To finally working together, cupcakes who refused to live, eating with your hands, and of course... to Texas. Purple skies, humidity, and a particular charm.

Happy Monday y'all ;)

Bellas: Lauren Maduzia

I wish I could show you the pictures from high school. The ones where Lauren and I used my wind up camera, swapped clothes, and ate mac & cheese for energy to create our own photoshoot. Oh wait ... high school? Maybe not.

Ok, now step a little to the left.
THERE. That was the perfect spot where the air would tickle our hair like a breeze on a summer day. So maybe we weren't at the beach with an ocean breeze, but the rickety fan would have to do for the shots we wanted. I mean, that's part of the adventure anyway :) We figured it out -- the poses, the clothes, and the styling.

Fast forward 10 years later. Hands down, this was one of my favorite sessions I've ever done. This girl has been in my life since high school and I can't even begin to tell you some of the fun Lauren & I have had and secrets we've shared. We had different math classes, but the same teacher and the same seat. So what did we do? We wrote notes to each other and taped it under the seat for the other to find the next day.

When I went home to Dallas earlier this month, we decided to relive this particular memory. Our photo session. Little did we know I would one day pursue this as a career....

Ok, ok. I'm doing this again instead of more photos. Those were some of my faaavorites, but I've been dying to get to Lauren's session to create this down there. I love what I do. I love the people I get to share this with!

(make sure to watch FULL screen on HD!)

PERFECTION!! Haha. According to Lauren, this is the phrase I use when I photograph. Hey, can't be a bad model if you've reached perfection, right? ;) Love you girl!

Babies: Kent Samuel Lewis

Let's keep the Christmas spirit alive, shall we?

So my best friend Kristen had her first baby a few months ago and I kinda freaked out. Lots of people around me were having babies, and yeah -- I was excited for them, but then Kristen had hers. Then I experienced overwhelming excitement. I wasn't expecting to feel so emotional about it, but there I was ... recalling memories on my blog about us drawing on the bus seats in high school of our driver that looked like a turtle.

True to social media, her husband Billy kept us eagerly posted about her delivery on Facebook. We waited anxiously and then ... Kent was born. A beautiful, chubby cheeked, blue-eyed Lewis.

The day Kristen had her baby, I said: "Today my bestfriend, the face I've been SO familiar with in my childhood, is holding a child of her own." And here is the face I eagerly waited to see....

But there was no way I could post all of them at once. Instead, let's watch them. I think that's the best way to start your week after a weekend full of love :)

(Make sure to select the HD button & press the four arrows to watch in full screen!)

They're so special to me! Have a great week everyone :)