Fur Vest

I have to say, the perks of shooting an editorial piece is learning some of the styling tricks. I photographed Ashley of The Shine Project for Emma Magazine's how to style a faux fur vest 3 ways and I WANT this outfit!!!

vest: Nordstrom, sweater: Gap

Including the ripped jeans. I would have never thought to pair that sweater with that fur vest. But that's what Mallory Jarvis is there for, not moi. But seriously, I was like: jeans, get on my legs please.

And that lipstick? Oh, you know I was loving that ;)

Femme Funk Style

One of the other things I loved about planning a shoot where I was in front of the camera was sitting down and trying to really verbalize my style.  I've tried it before but I couldn't find the words.  I'm obviously very feminine, but don't consider myself a super soft girly girl.  I am very attracted to bold and glam.  So what did I do? MARRY THE TWO!

Femme Funk.  I found an outfit on Pinterest that made me say "THAT right there is me."  And when I was trying to describe the outfit to a friend, I used the words "femme funk."  And then I had that huge-eye-loud-gasp aha moment.  If you could hear me when something occurs to me ... dramatic.

As promised, here's the inspiration behind the outfit...
 Audree from Simply Audree Kate was my stylist partner in crime.  Audree's first idea was to take one of her pink ballerina leotards and add some feathers to the shoulder to replicate the bottom left image up there.  I loved the look of it and the low back, but we decided to shop just in case.  Our goal was to find mint skinny jeans because I was really wanting to wear mint with a pop of pink.  And how cute would that be paired with a funky, pink leotard?!

We couldn't find ANY mint jeans, well, we found 2 but they didn't fit well.  Finally, we decided to pop in to Charlotte Russe which completely surprised me with their selection.  I felt like Charlotte Russe was getting too "teeny-bopper" so I stopped dropping in, but they had this BEAUTIFUL mint blouse!  Less than $25!  AND they had skirts on sale for $10!!  Yes, I got this white peplum skirt for $10!

(shop for top HERE

Audree thought it would look cute with a skinny belt (pink) for that pop.  But with the shoot just around the corner, I grabbed this necklace from World Market I had and made it into a "belt."  And those nude shoes?  TWENTY-DOLLARS.  Last Chance sells gently used (though some of their "gently used" are more like "gently chewed") and overstocked items.
And while I absolutely love the Nostra Style House earrings -- I didn't mean to wear those!  I had those on from the first outfit (a wedding inspired look) when all along I meant to wear THESE and forgot to grab them on the way out...
These were going to incorporate the "funk" to my outfit since everything else was pretty soft.  I LOVE using accessories to throw in a pop of color.  How awesome are those earrings?!  I got them from H&M.

And that's my story!  Audree is full of great ideas and it was so much fun to brainstorm this outfit with her.  Hopefully this gives you some idea for your own style too :)  I collect my favorite looks on my Fashion Pinterest board. If you have one, you should try writing down some words to describe your favorite outfits.  That might help you verbalize your own style and shop with purpose :)

Under-Do Your Competition: Focus. Style. Confidence

Not typically what you hear, right? But it's really brilliant and I need to share it with you. What I won't be sharing with you is this humidity. I thought walking into the bathroom after Jose's hot showers would prepare me for Texas again, but by the looks of my misty face... not so much.

So back to this brilliant concept. It was all from the Freedom PASS Tour I attended in Phoenix last month which was slap-your-dog good (cause really, when is slapping your momma ever good?). Promise Tangeman's presentation is the one I'll be sharing with you -- you can thank my awesome note-taking skills later.

There's 3 points to break down:

// Focus
// Style
// Confidence

// FOCUS: Back to the whole "under-do your competition."

(a) IDENTIFY YOUR STRENGTHS. Focus on what's important and let clutter go. And by strengths -- be specific and not use things like "I'm creative." For example, I would say a couple of my strengths are styling and story telling. So how can I capitalize on this? How can I display this in my business? Outfit Chronicles. Nothing to do with photography, right? Wrong. I want people to understand my style, connect with it, and be able to trust in my abilities. This will transfer itself into my photography and it will also tell my potential clients what to expect. Ask yourself these q's:

-What are you most confident in?
-What are you most passionate about?
-What do you want to do MORE of? (or heck, what do you want to do LESS of? If you don't want to photograph families, then don't post families on your site. Focus.)

(b) KNOW YOUR TARGET MARKET. Speak each other's language. Describe them. Create a profile for them. What do they do? What are their values? Promise gave us Sarah Rhoads' target market: "People that highly value artistic expression." So try taking that statement and fitting it to your own business. People that ________________.

// STYLE. 1.) Create a personal profile. Write anything and everything about you. 2.) Check your laundry -- no, seriously... check your laundry. What visually represents you? Colors? Is there a consistent theme? Use 3 words to define your fashion style.

--- I'm not going to lie, defining my fashion style (versus my photography style) is so difficult. This was the trickiest question to answer during the interview I had on Monday. Jose says I'm an "emotional" dresser. Emotional and feminine. Hysterical. Unfortunately, that's why I can't exactly articulate it -- because I DO open my closet and pick an outfit based on my mood which can range from feeling spunky, flirty, or simple. But I suppose that can be interpreted as story telling too. With my clothes :) ---

I digress.

// CONFIDENCE. Display your confidence in your business. How do your strengths and style currently play out on a day to day basis?

-Are you displaying that confidence in your website? How can you do this exactly? Let's look at Jasmine Star's website. Her strength is her writing. Promise designed her website and incorporated this strength throughout her entire site with an editorial flair. Did you get that? Editorial flair. Jasmine is speaking a specific language to her target audience by the style of her website.

Brilliant. And that was Promise's presentation. Now sit down and answer those questions for your business model.

Now you'll have to excuse me.

I have an amazing grandma who is waiting on me to get off this "thing" and spend time with her. Not to mention the U.S. vs. France game that is playing in every TV in this house. I love being home ;) Hope this has helped those of you pursuing photography or any small business!