Husband Chronicles: He prances in the living room

Last night I spent at least 45 minutes cutting little yellow triangles. We are having a Noche Española party for Jose and I's birthday tomorrow night and I CAN NOT WAIT! As lovers of food, we have researched our Spanish recipes and even made a website with all the details of the party for those we invited. I wish we had a bigger space but we'll just have to cram our lovely friends into our condo and secretly hope that by 8 p.m. it will be cool enough to open our balcony doors and have extra space there.

I was exhausted after only cutting the yellow triangles but have about 40 more to cut if I'm going to make flag banners for the living room! By 10:30 p.m. last night I wrapped myself up in a blanket on the couch and called it a night. Jose, on the other hand, danced around the living room like a schoolboy imagining where to move our dinner table and couch to open up space.

Stubbornly I pulled the blanket over my head and yelled "this girl is OUT!" Yet somehow within the next 5 minutes... there I was... moving the dinner table while Jose pranced in decoration glory.

What I have done to this guy?

Clearly something right... because I have someone who is dreaming as strongly as I am now :) I'll make sure that when I take a bite of our homemade tapas tomorrow night, I'll close my eyes and escape momentarily back to our honeymoon.

Dreaming and eating together like little fat school children. In Spain.

Barriga llena, corazon contento.

Outfit Chronicles: White Pants

Nothing to do with my outfit, but I just had to show this to you...

Those are Jose's feet peeking out from the dining room table. This boy loves to work on the floor -- specifically on his stomach. I can't tell you how many times when he was in grad school and over at my place that I'd walk out of the restroom and find him passed out on his books, on the floor, face down. Who says he needs a desk? Not you buddy boy!

But back to my outfit. WHITE PANTS!! Holla dolla, I love these pants...

I got them in Spain, but I got them a size up because the ones that fit like "true" skinny jeans made my skinny legs feel like sausages! Yes, it's possible. I didn't realize at the time that's how skinny pants are SUPPOSED to feel like. I've learned my lesson and I now own black, skinny jeans that sometimes make my circulation pause.

Brown wrap: Wet Seal (back in my teeny bop days), Striped tube top: from my bestfriend -- still have it! :), white pants: Zara (they have this store in the U.S. too!), shoes + bracelet: F21, necklace: Frances boutique (in Phoenix)

Don't you love this necklace?! And why does my hair look red?! Seriously, it has been a year since I've messed with my hair color (and that was to make it a dark brown! All non-permanent stuff though).

Jose so kindly said I'd lose cool points if I posted this photo on my blog....

But look how perfectly wide my eyes are, and the weird creases around my mouth that look like I'm straining to stick my tongue out. So cool. You needed to see this.

And once again, I attempted to take a photo of Jose's butt as we left the balcony.


Persistent, friends. I'm what they call persistent.

Spain: Madrid Part 1

La capital de España...

I successfully managed to sunburn my face, visit el Museo Del Prado, took a trip to Toledo, drank the BEST strawberry mojito, ate (and ate and ate), and became exhausted with all of the tourist visits. Probably one of the only cities where Jose and I participated in the most "touristy" activities. This includes a bull fight. !!!. But that will be for part 2.

There were so many churches. The beauty, architecture, and detail on every wall was breath taking.

I can't say it enough: I'm in love with European architecture!

And then we stumbled upon a bachelor party...

Except the only skirt you'll see in their bachelor party is the one on the groom. Luckily we were with Borja's Aunt (a Madrid native) who explained what was going on. Bar hopping? Pfft. That's for amateurs. In Spain, the groom dresses up in drag (color coordination might be a preference) and struts his stuff while his friends take photos and blow whistles to draw attention.

Gotta admit... quite entertaining :) Though it looks like this particular groom had a stylist on hand. Just look at that outfit and color coordination! I guess if you're going to embarass yourself, might as well do it with style...

Happy Monday :)

Spain: San Sebastian

It's what he does -- what he's really good at: planning. For our honeymoon, Jose and I went to Spain. SPAIN! Jose planned every city we would visit with Rick Steves' book as our European bible. And we didn't just go for one week or to one city... we went to ... 7? Our first stop (and one of the longest) was Barcelona.

The next stop was San Sebastian. We hopped on a train, slept, read, and arrived to our rainy, chilly destination. San Sebastian has a beautiful beach, but I gave Jose those eyes of "Don't even think about it." By chilly, I mean 50 degrees -- 50 degrees + bathing suit + water don't mix well with me. However, wrapping myself up in a blanket on the beach, with a good book -- that's my thing. Jose doesn't consider "reading" a vacation activity. Luckily the waves put him to sleep and I quietly pulled my book out of his backpack, like a mouse trying not to get caught stealing some cheese.

That's just what San Sebastian was to me. A moment to act like an old couple. Or watch old couples -- there were SO many! Clearly the retirement party was happening here.

But Jose made sure there were at least a few adventures we explored. That's just how he is. Something must be explored BUT planned :) And I am always up for an adventure.

I'll have to save it for the next post! Jose wants to have lunch and my hair is still sporting my turbo-twist towel. Have a fabulous weekend!!

More Important Than Sleep: Barcelona

Every ounce of energy that was left in me cheered on the plane that was about to land in the beautiful country of Spain. My head was still trying to wrap around the idea that I had just gotten married only HOURS ago, much less that I was about to explore España. I literally debated whether the first thing I wanted to do was sleep or eat. Both of which are as important as breathing to me. And sleep -- well, I was sleep deprived.

I bought a bottle of tylenol PM (which just means I needed a sleeping pill) so I could take HALF of one the night before the wedding. Knowing how easily my thoughts keep me awake, I figured I wouldn't be getting much sleep the night before and I had to wake up looking FRESH. How on earth would that happen at 5 a.m.?! I took it at 7 p.m. to prevent looking drunkishly drowsy at 5 a.m., however I wasn't expecting it to kick in after 30 minutes! I was in the shower and as I was washing my hair, I would feel a sudden sensation to close my eyes shortly after my hands felt heavy on my head. Great! The last thing I needed was to pass out in the shower! I managed to finish, blowdry my hair, and get in bed. I knocked out, but to my unpleasant surprise found myself waking up at 2 a.m. Then at 3 a.m.

"Wedding!! Spain!!! Auggggh-- SLEEP!" kept running through my head. Too late -- 5 a.m. showed up, but I was excited, I was ready, and I jumped up from the covers. Fast forward to the end of the wedding reception. I was beyond exhausted. The emotions, the DANCING, the excitement, the lack of sleep... I could COLLAPSE! Add to that waking up early AGAIN for our Spain flight the next morning, and I was struggling to keep my eyes open.

As we walked out of the Barcelona airport, I did what every tourist does. I pulled out Jose's digital camera and filmed the walkway out of the plane into the terminal. Okay, maybe not every tourist -- just those kind. I was certainly one of those. I would stop midway to absorb all of it while Jose rolled our carry on, 30 feet in front of me, clearly finding nothing that interesting in the airport. But in fact, I wasn't really looking at the building -- I was listening to the people and watching them. I was taking in their clothes, their mannerisms, and their accent.

"Grathias!" Jose said to the taxi driver. I rolled my eyes and laughed. Then he proceeded to call me a "hater" because he was "blending in." Sure, cause I know Spaniards call out "haters" ALL the time :) Who was I kidding? I wanted to blend in too. To eat their food, to wear their clothes, to listen to them talk, to ride bikes, to completely absorb them like my skin would absorb the sun at the beach.

Jose spent a number of hours looking up hotels to plan our crazy, long stay in Spain. The long stay meant we had to find affordable hotels. Before the trip I thought most of these hotels wouldn't really have a "Spanish" appeal and be just like any hotel in the states: a bed, toilet, tv, and window type of room. Sometimes Jose, in confusion, would ask "what do you think a Spanish hotel is supposed to look like??" And when we walked out on the balcony of the first hotel we arrived, I thought "just like this."

Our view...

The pseudo beach built for the olympics...

Our first bite of tapas...

Jose mentioned that he had visited this Roman Catholic church a couple of years ago during his study abroad and explained how it was under construction back then as it was at that moment. My first thought was "really? and they're still not done??" Oh, ye of little knowledge.

I soon realized that this "church" is actually a historical piece of work by the famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. There was no question this church was (is) breath taking and pretty glorious in all its beauty -- but I didn't know it had been under construction since 1882!!! That's more than a freaking century people!

(photo of photo :)

The official name of this church/project is called The Sagrada Familia. You can read more details about it on your own, but just imagine this incredible architect with brilliant, yet extremely ambitious ideas, working on this church until his death in 1926. Then imagine his work being taken up by another architect who follows the models Gaudi constructed, but then some of the models and workshops are destroyed in the Spanish Civil War! The rest of the construction is made by adaptations and salvaged portions of Gaudi's original plans by various architects.

So we continued visiting more Gaudi's master pieces

How Gaudi designed so geometrically..
A model

Actual implementation of his model.

Came home to find some champagne and chocolate covered strawberries in our hotel room courtesy of the hotel itself!

The next morning Jose shook me awake and darted out on to the balcony before I could even open my eyes. When I went outside he pointed to the sky and said "let's watch the sun rise!" I was partially tempted to crawl back into the warm covers, but felt so lucky to have someone who appreciated these moments.

And the rest of the days in Barcelona treated us so well.

These are just a few. I didn't have much self control with my camera in the first city, but we also stayed here the longest. You can imagine how long it took me to just narrow it down! Our next stop: San Sebastian!