Santa Monica Pier

California: More Wax & Santa Monica

'Ello! Do you ever randomly say certain words with an accent? I do. An English one... especially when I answer the phone :)

So that was me jumping up there at the Santa Monica Pier! I swear, if I lived by a beach I would have NO location-scouting skills because I'd always want to go there for a photoshoot. But let's back track to the wax museum!

Loved the set up for the Scarface room...

Some cowboys..

Oh, 'ello good looking.

How real does Morgan look?! We're absolutely on a first name basis.

True story: I sent in a letter for Buffy the Vampire slayer once and got an autographed photo of Sarah Michelle Gellar in the mail. Betcha didn't know that one, Jose!

This just makes me laugh:

Jose asked to pose by his "father." I swear that's why he asked me to take this photo!

There is just something not quite right about this picture. Can't put my finger on it...

Being dramatic runs in the family :)

Let the 3 following photos give you a better idea of the kind of person that I am....

Then we stalked some houses in Beverly Hills(!).

Looks like someone took some inspiration from Gaudi!

This is a HOUSE people! Can you fathom what the inside looks like?!

Then we took a stroll on Rodeo Drive...

My name was everywhere!

;) There may or may not be another letter in there. Still, calling my name!

And our last stop: Santa Monica Pier! Talk about muscle body central! People were doing yoga, riding bikes, working out on the grass, and there were these awesome obstacle courses!

And let's not forget... the beach.

Then I started taking some "band" shots of the boys :)


Okay, who- what... who is this?! Simmer down GQ.

Sun was setting and it was time to go..

And that is what I love about my husband. He doesn't think twice about the numbing cold beach water or the grimy sand that gets stuck in your toe nails. No, he just takes his shoes and socks off and runs down the shore like a little kid.

While this girl here hams it up as soon as you put a camera on her. Yeah, we go well together :)