Rustic Winterland

Rustic Winterland Fashion: Jeannie

It all started here, and now is ending here. My Rustic Winterland series that is. Some of you might wonder, why did she split all the models up into individual posts?

Because... they each represented such different styles and I photographed each of them differently. As models, they might be dressed with similar a "theme" -- but they certainly don't have the same look. Jeannie is a perfect example...

I can't even begin to tell you how natural this girl is in front of the camera!

Some of my absolute favorites..

Ana and I kept making America's Next Top Model jokes like, "Now we know how Tyra feels!" because I literally would take 2 frames and Jeannie just nailed it.

It is the best feeling as a photographer to have a model bring to life the exact concept you had in mind...

Model: Jeannie (The Agency AZ), Styling: Whitney Alexandra, Make up: Kristy Brown, Hair: Michelle Fink

With that, I have to give huge props to Jeannie and the entire crew for pulling together a vision that I could only hope would come close to this. A thank you to photographer Michelle Herrick for believing in my vision and helping me bring this concept to life.

I came home elated and exhausted. Since moving to Phoenix I've had to put myself out there and with that comes rejection and success. By no means has it been easy, but it's moments like these that motivate me to continue pushing forward. Are there risks you're wanting to take? DO IT! Because even if you just get a 'no' -- you were willing to take the risk, and that alone is a victory. Just don't let the no stop you.

Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be. -Karen Ravn

Rustic Winterland Fashion: Zuhaila

You say Rustic, I say Antlers. Rustic. Antlers. Rustic! Antlers!

I have no idea why I made that a cheer, but it's clear that I'm excited about these antlers. And with that, here's the third installment of the Rustic Winterland shoot, with Zuhaila...

Zuhaila, like Anjelle, has gorgeous, wavy bronze-ish hair. Such beautiful features for the rustic look :)

This girl definitely channeled J Lo....

Model: Anjelle (The Agency AZ), Styling: Whitney Alexandra, Make up: Kristy Brown, Hair: Michelle Fink


Next week we will wrap this incredible collaboration up :) Weren't the antlers fun?! I wouldn't mind using them again for a summer-styled shoot. Amazonian woman, you say? Hmmm.. ;) Happy Friday guys :P Hope you're enjoying these!

Rustic Winterland: Anjelle

Continuing with our Rustic Winterland series, we're moving forward with Anjelle who has the perfect features for this theme! Long bronze hair, tan skin, and gorgeous green eyes!

Love the braided band with her wavy locks and the color that the sunlight gives her hair :)

Work. It. Anjelle. I told you...

... made for this theme!

Model: Anjelle (The Agency AZ), Styling: Whitney Alexandra, Make up: Kristy Brown, Hair: Michelle Fink

You're gorgeous girl!

And alas, my vintage roses have made their appearance ;) I love being able to blend my props with the theme. Speaking of props... there was one prop that I was dying to get my hands on for this shoot: antlers. For those of you raising your eyebrows at this point -- you'll just have to trust me. Or you don't... but if you stick around for the next session, you might understand why :) Hope you're enjoying the series!

Rustic Winterland Fashion: Ariel II

Isn't it funny how a wardrobe change can completely transform the feel of a shoot? If you look at the first set and compare it to these... it's almost as though it went from Rustic Winterland to Rustic Safari :)

Looooooove this one!

Model: Ariel (The Agency AZ), Styling: Whitney Alexandra, Make up: Kristy Brown, Hair: Michelle Fink

It's my first time working with a stylist and I can't believe how much I've been missing out! I was inspired by the clothing at ThreadSence and Whitney completely executed the idea with the clothes. Now, if I could have some of that magic for my closet... that would be fantastic.

Anyway, I love and appreciate y'alls feedback! Now we'll be moving on to the other models and later show some behind the scene shots too :) Get excited!

Rustic Winterland Fashion: Ariel

I'm not sure at what point or degree unit it's considered "winter," but in my fantasy head -- a fuzzy vest, boots, and a blanket completely classify as winter. And maybe we didn't get hit with Snowmageddon 2011, but this is why I love what I do -- you create and pretend.

Since leaving Atlanta and moving to Phoenix, I've had an ache to do a fashion shoot again. Yes people, aching. Dramatic? Perhaps. But I can't put into words how much this is my element...

Model: Ariel (The Agency AZ), Styling: Whitney Alexandra, Make up: Kristy Brown, Hair: Michelle Fink

Is it me, or did this kind of make you think of Where the Wild Things Are? Anyway, this is only the beginning!!!!! Can you tell I'm excited?! I had this idea to create this rustic winterland photoshoot, I contacted a photographer (Michelle Herrick), and from there magic just started happening :) :)

I'm finally warming up and ready to take on this year! Let's do this :)