Phoenix Fashion Week Highlight Film 2012

I am particularly fond of the grit in this.  There wasn't a plan or story, I just wanted to approach Phoenix Fashion Week with the funk that it deserved.

Like, kick off my heels, stand on a chair to get that shot kind of funk.  And I also left the monopod behind so this was all hand held.  It was between heels or the monopod.  Clearly both lost at one point.

Designer love and details later ;)  Furne One was the grand finale from Dubai.  And I mean grande finale.

Like a shot gun.

Desert Vagabond -- Fashion + Video

Last summer I moved to the desert (aka Phoenix) and from the first month of living here I have been wanting to do this kind of shoot...

Yeah baby... desert vagabond.

The styling was a bit challenging -- I was going for a fashionable Indian look (think Free People Clothing) without breaking the bank. Fortunately I stumbled across Butter Toast Boutique here in Phoenix and found this amazing top!

Added some lace socks to my boots and a flowy skirt from Forever 21.

And well, I already told you about the Indian headdress (in case you need to make your own ;). The rest is for you to enjoy the collaboration between myself and my sister Jasmine.

but let's end it with some motion...

Do you like the magazine layouts? I'm re-doing my collections and am considering offering a magazine layout for portrait sessions. Can't wait to print these out!

Happy Vagabonding ;)

Outfit Chronicles: Denim & Grays

Guess what? Poor Jose is going to have estrogen overdose. This weekend my wonderful friend Brittany Nicole, a budding photographer, is coming over for 5 days. The following weekend Jose's sister Jasmine is also coming and staying for a week. THEN after that, my friend Kim is arriving the day Jasmine is leaving and staying with us for 4 days.

Poor guy.

But guess what that means? Photoshoot after photoshoot after photoshoot. Woo hoo!

So on to today's outfit!

I love gray, and I especially like it paired with yellow but there's something extra mellow and relaxed about grays and denim blue that I'm loving.

.. and a hint of brown :)

Top+Shorts+Belt+Earrings: F21, bracelet: happy hippies boutique, necklace: gift, shoes: Journeys.

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about the Steven Tyler feather piece tribute! Promise I'll get to that very soon :)

Last random/crazy thing. I want to tell y'all about this thing I think I'm going to try -- it's called "How to go shampoo free." And NO, it doesn't mean you wouldn't wash your hair, it's just substituting your shampoo. We have the WORST hard water here in Phoenix and with the dry weather, I'm looking for alternative options to using less harsh products on my hair. Did you know shampoo is a detergent and strips your natural oils? My poor scalp is not taking very well to the change in water and weather here, so I'm pretty open about my options.

So there's this at home method (super easy) that I've been reading up on (<--check it out) and it's supposed to be amazing for your hair. Hmmm. Haha. Yeah, I'm REALLY considering this! What are your thoughts? Any suggestions? Let me know if you're curious about it and I'll share with y'all the results -- maybe some before and after photos? ;)

Happy Fa-fa-friday.

Outfit Chronicles: Heels & Flannel

About 2 years ago, I had posted on my wedding blog how much I loved these necklaces. Fast forward to this past Christmas and guess who got one of those necklaces?! Me! But that's not the crazy part. Jose got the necklace for me and had NEVER seen that blog post!! I guess I'm that predictable ;)

I've tried not to wear it everyday, but it went perfect for today's outfit... the playful flannel :)

Flannel: F21, belt: Zara, jeans: Ross (Billabong), bracelet: handmade gift, necklace: Luxedeluxe :), shoes: Plato's Closet (in Atlanta) for 10 bucks!

So this outfit was quite the layering. I'm actually wearing cotton (polka dot) tights under my jeans because it was a chilly day.

After I took a picture of my shoes again...

I looked up and tried to take a picture of Jose's butt...

..but it was blocked by his wallet. Maybe next time.

Any thoughts on this outfit?! I was SUPER hesitant about my hair and sweeping it all back because I have a five-head (not a forehead... ;). Haha. Jose seemed to like it, so that works for me! Speaking of hair, check out this super cute and very quick hair tutorial. I've considered making one too.... maybe...

Happy Friday! I'm hoping to visit one of those Food Trucks that you see on Food Network tonight with Jose. Gourmet hotdogs? Yes please. They also have a peanut butter, jelly, chicken sandwich! Woah! I wonder if that is genius or weird...?

Rustic Winterland Fashion: Zuhaila

You say Rustic, I say Antlers. Rustic. Antlers. Rustic! Antlers!

I have no idea why I made that a cheer, but it's clear that I'm excited about these antlers. And with that, here's the third installment of the Rustic Winterland shoot, with Zuhaila...

Zuhaila, like Anjelle, has gorgeous, wavy bronze-ish hair. Such beautiful features for the rustic look :)

This girl definitely channeled J Lo....

Model: Anjelle (The Agency AZ), Styling: Whitney Alexandra, Make up: Kristy Brown, Hair: Michelle Fink


Next week we will wrap this incredible collaboration up :) Weren't the antlers fun?! I wouldn't mind using them again for a summer-styled shoot. Amazonian woman, you say? Hmmm.. ;) Happy Friday guys :P Hope you're enjoying these!